I’m the perfect little punching bag…

I like Pink.  All the same, it’s a little annoying to have the lyrics of Please Don’t Leave Me running through my head… “I forgot to say out loud / How beautiful you really are to me /I cannot be without / You’re my perfect little punching bag.”  But.  This has got me rather upset.  I can understand how someone with whom you are acquainted can take advantage of you, because they know all of your weaknesses.  But really… what is it about me that invites abuse from perfect strangers?!  First there was the umbrella incident a couple of days ago; then today happened.

As a preface, I have to say that I am one of the only people I know who actually stands aside to let other people off the train before I board it; I am also one of the only people I know who gets off the train to let other people behind me get off… which usually results in the people on the platform crowding in ahead of me, leaving no room for me to get back on, even though I was on there first!  In any case… that’s probably why this upset me as much as it did.  Even though being assaulted like this is never much fun!  I was standing to the side of the train doors, and when they opened, this grouchy old spinster (well, if she isn’t a spinster, I feel sorry for her husband!) started screaming at me, “Don’t even think of getting on the train, let other people off first, have some decency!!”  I was just staring at her because I had no idea what on earth I had done to provoke such an outburst, and I suppose she didn’t like the way I was looking at her, because guess what happened next?  Yup.  She hit me.  Seriously.  Don’t go preaching to me about decency and immediately follow that speech by physically abusing a total stranger!!  Do I have a sign on my forehead reading “ABUSE ME”???

Anyway.  Enough of that.

The eyeshadow I procured yesterday is apparently “crystal ball.”  It looks pretty much like most of the eyeshadows I already own…


I really should branch out more.  Whatever.

earrings!  surprise. 

earrings! surprise.

You know that stereotype about the preteen who leaves for school with lip gloss surreptitiously stuffed in her backpack so that she can apply it in the bathroom there and wipe it off before she gets home, lest her mom find out?  Yeah, here’s a modern-day spin on that.

I wore this babydoll top today:
…but I came home looking like this:
All to keep my mom off my case.  How sad is that??  I have to resort to preteen subterfuge to avoid being harrassed about what I wear.  Extremely irritating.
Also extremely irritating was the temperature in my office today.  It.  Was.  FREEZING!!  Figures that that would happen on an already-cold day, doesn’t it?  But I suppose the icicles forming on my fingertips were the only thing keeping me awake, so it’s not entirely bad, right?  (Okay, that was a stretch.  But I’m trying!!)
In other sad news, my algae eater died.  The one I just got a couple of weeks ago to replace the other dead one!  Guess it’s a trip to the pet shop tomorrow… and I’m going to bring them a water sample, even though I know what it will say, because I tested it myself and the ammonia level is insanely high.  Almost as high as my hackles (does that even make sense?!) when my dad starts telling me that if I’m taking care of the tank, I should know how to fix such things.  What does he expect me to do, say some sort of magic incantations over it?!  I can only do what I can do; I put in the appropriate chemicals, and if it doesn’t do the trick, I can’t help it!!  I just feel bad for these fish that are probably being chemically burned to death.  😦  Geesh.  I can’t even take care of fish properly; never mind people!!
Random food photo of my usual Hugh Jass salad (romaine, sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, veggie protein link), which I seem to eat every Thursday … though with Italian dressing this time, instead of honey dijon.
Here is a reason why I am slow in the short-bus kind of way… I did not realize at all that I was depicting a BAR FIGHT in my last post!  Had I noticed it, I would have included a few overturned beers.  Oh well.  And while I’m already boasting about how dense and oblivious I can be, I just realized a few months ago that “K-9” units are so called because they are “CANINES.”  I mean, really… how much more obtuse could I possibly get?!
Snapple “Real Fact” #847: Until the nineteenth century, solid blocks of tea were used as money in Siberia.  I thought tea grew in leaves… oh, I am too tired to research this at present!
Tomorrow is my least favorite day of the week… but it brings an end to the drudgery, for a couple of days at least.  Have a fantastic Friday!  (And that alliteration was totally coincidental.  I am apparently a natural nut.  See, I did it again!!!)

9 responses to “I’m the perfect little punching bag…

  1. I can’t believe she HIT you!!!! That’s totally nuts. What a kook.

    Your shirt is so not scandalous. I can’t believe you still put a shirt on under it! But it’s always a good idea to keep the momma happy and off your case….

  2. I feel that way too sometimes… All you can do is be assertive and stick up for yourself! Honey, don’t beat yourself up about the fish! It’s sad, but you didn’t mean to kill them. When you go to the pet store, try to find someone that’s knowledgeable about fish and ask them what you can do so it doesn’t happen again! xo

  3. Omg that woman! I cannot believe she would be so outlandisly rude to you! Im so sorry you had to endure that! Certainly did NOT deserve it! And Im the same as you are…always letting people go ahead or holding the door open or giving up my seat. Wish more people would give back a little, ya know?!

  4. themilkfreeway

    I’m really sorry that complete strangers keep hitting you, you must just be in the wrong place at the wrong time. It’s not your fault that other people take their crazy out on you. I know what you mean – I often used to feel like I had a ‘hello, victim here! Take your shot’ sign over my head but I think that might have just been because I expected to be abused, so when people were rude to me I felt like I’d been proved right, and that they picked on me on purpose because they could see that I deserved it or something. You don’t, though, in all likelihood it is just random. You should try shouting back 😛 it’s fun.
    Tea does grow in leaves, I’m curious about that too now! I guess they could have been pressed or something. I love your random facts, heh 🙂

  5. adventuresofrecovergirl

    Sheesh! People are nuts. If you need a body guard, I know a pretty rough Jersey girl you can call 😛

    Parents never seem to give up do they?? Seriously I’m pretty sure my mom calls me every two seconds I’m not in her house when I’m staying there.

    I hope you stay warm today in the office
    ❤ Jenn

  6. thats so rude of some random person to hit you! JEEZ!
    love your red shirt though girlie 🙂

  7. Someone actually punched you!? Like shoved you??? REALLY?! WOW. I don’t know what I would have done, but seriously our world is becoming SO terrible!

    We’ve discussed babydolls before… you know my love for them… (:

    Sorry you don’t enjoy Fridays much! I hope your day goes somewhat well though!

    Man, I’m furious at that lady… let me at ‘er!

  8. I admire your self-restraint ~ I would have struggled not to hit the rude woman back!!! However, I may have a theory behind why strangers keep picking on you. They were both women older than yourself. Is it not possible that they were jealous, envious of your appearance? Perhaps it was your beauty (because you ARE very beautiful) which irked them and let them to take their hatred out on you physically. Perhaps you attract this kind of attention because secretly they resent you for being so much younger than them and having so much to look forward to in your life? It’s just a hypothesis, but I knew a girl when I was a teenager who was stunning: she had cascading sheets of shiny, wavy chestnut hair, cheekbones to die for and a figure like a model (naturally!). She was 5ft 10ins and had porcelain skin. I have never seen anyone so ruthlessly victimized by older women in my life! Whenever she was out she’d get the blackest looks you can imagine and people, always women, used to try to trip her up, push her, jostle past her on buses…the same could be happening to you.

    In lighter matters, I have never looked at the labels on my Jazz apples! I just ate my last one today so when I next go shopping I shall have to scrutinize the labels closely…

    Have a lovely week-end : )

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