I have a habit of dog-earing pages in books when I find a particular quote / paragraph / sentence that “speaks” to me… a lot of times, I end up with so many dog-eared pages that I just give up and return the book to the library and forget about it!  But right now I am reading Geneen Roth’s When Food is Love, and I’m trying to only mark off those pages that really catch my attention.  So you lucky people get to read some of them, bwahaha…

Many of us have been using food to replace love for so many years that we no longer know the difference between turning to food for love and turning to love for love.  We wouldn’t recognize love if it knocked us over.
Not because we are ignorant but because if we’ve never been loved well, we don’t know what love feels like, what love is like.  And it follows that if we have not been loved well, we cannot love ourselves well.  Compulsive behavior, at its most fundamental, is a lack of self-love; it is an expression of a belief that we are not good enough.

I’m not going to get into a whole spiel about this excerpt, because A) who really wants to read that and B) I am too tired to write it!  (What is UP with that… why am I so freaking exhausted?!?!)  I just felt like sharing it, so I indulged myself.

As for the daily grind, I am happy to report that the weather was quite lovely today!  Quite humid, too, unfortunately… I really do need to get a haircut but I am a spoiled brat and will not go anywhere but to Ouidad, and, well, it’s … expensive!!  Sometimes I ponder shaving my own head, because it would be a lot more affordable, and a lot less stressful, but then I remember that it would probably not be a very good look for me… oh, well, it was a nice idea while it lasted.

You would not suspect it from my whining about it all the time, but my office is quite an exciting place.  It was an arena today, and I provide you here with a pictorial play-by-play.  Sorry for the extreme cheesiness.  :p  And sorry about the size, but just pretend you have a front-row seat.  :p


On the left, we have a NuGo FREE Dark Chocolate Crunch bar, weighing in at 150 calories.  On the right, we have a NuGo Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chip bar, weighing in at 200 calories.  An insignificant difference in the grand scheme of things, yes, but apparently my head is not a very grand place, and so these two got to duke it out.  (I’d provide you with a video of the fight, but I’m too technologically retarded to do that!)


Aaaaaaand we have a winner.  Woo.

Seriously… am I crazy, or am I crazy?!  (As an added option: am I crazy?)

I usually add tofu to my salads for protein, but today I added edamame.  (If I’m honest about it, that would be because I forgot to make the tofu, and this was a lot faster!  But I really do like edamame… I just prefer them in the pod, because it’s fun to pop them out as you eat them.  Guess my mommy never taught me not to play with my food.  :p)

note the cherries ;)

note the cherries 😉

After an extremely irritating commute home, during which I (I’m not going to say “ED” because I don’t really view it as a separate entity!) was stressing out because I hate when things are thrown off schedule, especially around food, I came home and made this creation… on the stovetop, not the microwave.

All Whites omelet with sauteed eggplant

All Whites omelet with sauteed eggplant

I used Sonny & Joe’s Sauteed Eggplant … I’ve said it before, and I’ll probably say it again, but I love this stuff.  In case that isn’t obvious by the blob of it on the plate next to the omelet, which, by the way, means that I finished the entire container.  Oops.  Hate doing that.  (And before inquiring minds begin to, well, inquire, this was not my whole dinner.)

Between the salad (J interrupted me to stare with his googly eyes) and the later hour of my dinner, I feel like I’ve been eating much too fast today.  I don’t like eating quickly — and I’m not saying that I approve of eating at a snail’s pace and taking an hour to finish a pea, but eating too fast, whatever your personal definition is of the term, definitely doesn’t agree with my system.  It makes what I logically know to be a completely reasonable amount of food seem like way too much, and it just doesn’t make me feel very happy.

What did make me happy today is my little detour to Victoria’s Secret… I had a coupon for a free cotton panty (I hate that word, BTW), plus $10 off any purchase, so I figured I’d just pop in since it’s not that far out of my way… would someone please tell me why they keep “re-inventing” a classic??  It was fine before they started to mess with it!  Anyway, I will spare you a photo of that, because it’s not really all that exciting… but I also got this.  Now, granted, it wound up being free too (looove me some freebies) because it was under $10, so I didn’t put too much thought into my color selection.  I picked up a green one, put it back because I knew I wouldn’t wear it, and then picked up a purple one, which was rejected because I know that I look like a demented clown in purple eyeshadow.  I wound up with this… I have no idea what color it is, actually!


Verbal Vomit… (If anyone can help this extremely uncreative person come up with a more appealing phrase than that, I am absolutely receptive to all and any suggestions!!)

J is going to be away for the first two weeks of August.  (Not a sham this time — he really is going.  I’ve seen his itinerary and cell phone rental contract.)  I was originally planning to go on a mini-vacation during that time span, but that was dependent on a friend who might or might not have come along with me, and now she says she won’t know for another two weeks… so I am just going to give up on that and go myself.  Which means, I guess, that I’m going to go to Florida, because that’s the only place I’ll be able to afford if I’m not splitting the cost of the hotel room!  I absolutely love going on vacation, and I’m super-excited that I’ll be able to dive again, but I hate the hassle of working out all the nitty-gritty details of finding a dive operation, making sure my hotel isn’t a million miles away from where I want to be, transportation, blah blah blah… it’s not made any easier if I’m going somewhere I’ve never been before.  So if anyone out there knows anything about diving in Florida’s Gulf Coast (where I think I’m going to go), any help would be much appreciated!

That was pretty short and easy as far as verbal vomit goes, but I am too wiped out for much more than that!  Something must be done to rectify this situation immediately.  Any advice?!

Snapple “Real Fact” #844: One lump of sugar is equivalent to three feet of sugar cane.  Yikes.

Enjoy your Thursday!


11 responses to “Sleeptalking

  1. I know nothing about Florida, except that your vacation sounds fun!

    LOVE that color eyeshadow, no matter what shade you might name it. And your boxing bars put a big smile on my face 😀

  2. lilveggiepatch

    One of my curly friends goes to Ouidad, the other goes to Curly Girl in SoHo. I’m off to get a chop myself!

  3. adventuresofrecovergirl

    I loooove the bar fight! Edemame is amaaaazing, if I didn’t survive off frozen foods (err I’m moving away from that! woo) I would hit up sam’s club more often for big boxes of it (oh it’s the best thing ever :P)

    I hate to say I have no experiences of Florida rather than Orlando, but I hope you find a great place to stay for a relaxing mini-vaca 🙂
    Have a great Thursday!
    ❤ Jenn

  4. HAHA, that is an awesome recording of the day’s little matchup!

    It’s nice that you actually get a lot of ideas out of the things you read! You HAVE things to mark and look back to! I haven’t read many inspiring books recently… so marking pages has been quite limited.

    MMM, eggplant? Yes please! That does look like some good stuff. Do you just find it in the veggie freezer case? I hate to admit this, but I don’t think I’ve ever tried edamame… straight from the pod that is.

    Hmmm, not so familiar with florida, but oh so familiar with being jealous that you get to take a vacation and be a certified diver! Oh boy do I need a vacation! Have a blast!

  5. Such a profound quote ~ I related to it on so many levels.

    Eating too quickly upsets my tummy too ~ I don’t think it’s great for anyone’s digestion so you shouldn’t feel bad or like it’s an ED related behaviour.

    I love the phrase ‘verbal vomit’…I may have even started using it in the ‘real’ world and attracted some funny looks (well, more than I do anyway)

    The duelling bars made me giggle too : )

  6. haha those little bars with their arms is adorable!

    And it sounds like you are reading one very interesting book. I think a lot of people definitely turn to food to remedy their love problems. Interesting concept to consider.

    Have fun on vacation!

  7. aha I love how you drew arms and feet on the bars 🙂 too cute!
    They sound super good too!

    cherries look fabulous!

  8. themilkfreeway

    I think I love you for that bar fight 😛 seriously! I have no idea how you can labour under the illusion that you are boring, that was so funny.
    Hmm. You might be right about the iron, but B vitamins might be worth a try too – I ended up with a B12 deficiency over the winter and taking a B complex for a few weeks made a huge difference to my energy levels and mood. Actually B12 deficiency is a type of anaemia too, so it really might be worth getting checked out.
    Ooh, vacation! I know what you mean, I hate sorting out practical stuff like that – but it’d be worth it once you got there 🙂

  9. hey love!!

    i really like that excerpt from the book– really got me thinking– thanks for sharing 🙂

    HATE the word panty as well hahahah but glad you got some nice things 🙂

    i hate eating fast too– but i still do it– i eat REAL fast in fact– its something that i’ve always done and i try to eat slower but it usually just doesnt happen– o well! guess i will have to try a bit harder!

    the vaca sounds soo fun! i havent been to florida in ages! what part are you going to??


  10. lmao! Oh, my dear, you are just too adorable.
    I hate eating fast too. I’d rather save the meal for later to enjoy than to choke it down…you can’t enjoy food that way! But in a way, I wonder if that is sort of ED…:-(
    Oh, and I LOVE popping edmames out of their shells, too! Haha, that’s why I only get them IN their pods!

  11. Hope you managed to find the diving centres that you needed and really like the colour!


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