Melting on Monday

There I go with the alliteration again… I have to stop that, it is just way too corny for words!!

I have mentioned in the past the frigid prison which is my office.  Generally, when I go up the stairs and open the door to the hallway on my floor, I’m met with a blast of icy air.  Today, I was met with … well, with practically visible moisture.  The heat was on!!  This might be an opportune moment for me to point out that it was about 80 degrees outside, and very humid.  Not a good day for such shenanigans.  J came rolling in around 11.00 and very astutely observed, “It’s hot in here.”  We all lifted our glassy eyes from the liquefied puddles of flesh on the floor that used to be our bodies and stared at him blankly.  So not fair to expect people to work under such conditions.  They sort of got it figured out towards the end of the day… by around 4.00, I was perfectly comfortable.  Which, of course, means that everyone else was still sweltering, but since I freeze my poor butt off every day, I think I’m entitled to a couple of hours of temperature-related comfort!

Beyond that, I actually had a rather boring day.  So here are a couple of little “reviews” for you… as usual, verbal vomit to follow!  😉


Yogi Fresh Strawberry Crunch granola… seriously, people, this is awesome. It doesn’t look like your typical granola — they’re more like little round discs. But the flavor was fantastic — it was like a burst of strawberry in every bite. If you like Kashi Strawberry Fields, you’re going to love this. Now I want to try the other two flavors!! (But not until this one is finished. No, no, NO!)


Sea salt and vinegar PoPchips… this is not my favorite flavor.  Okay, so it was only the second one I’ve ever tried, but it seems like I generally prefer “original” or plain “salted” when it comes to such things.  I even like plain soy crisps better than cinnamon, which is practically a travesty.  I don’t know, this just had too much of a “vinegar” flavor.  (At least, that’s what I’m assuming it was; having never had salt and vinegar anything before, that’s pretty much the only thing I can pinpoint as being different from the original!)  I do so wish they wouldn’t call it “chips,” though.  My crazy mind would like that a lot better.

The Great Grape Debate has been resolved: I apparently prefer red grapes.  Either that, or this is just a really good bag of grapes!

Some verbal vomit, of course… since I think way. too. much, I was pondering over the barbecue last night, and we were playing some really weird game that none of us could really get straight… it was called “I Never…” and you’re supposed to say something that you’ve never done, and if it’s true, you have to take a drink.  Or if it’s not true, you have to take a drink.  We kept getting mixed up, so we just gave up on that part and drank if we wanted to, and decided to just talk instead.  Anyway, one of my friends was telling a whole story every five minutes, and I got to wondering… what is it about people that gives them the ability to do that?  Even if people would listen to me if I spouted off like that, which I’m fairly sure they won’t, I’d just feel way too self-conscious being at the center of attention that way.  Even though I’d beg to differ, I’m assuming that no one person “deserves” to be listened to any more than another.  So why do I feel like everyone else should be taking precedence over me?!  Basically, I guess what I’m trying to say is that all of this ruminating brought me to the conclusion that actually hanging out with other people makes me feel like I have no life, which kind of turns it into a self-perpetuating cycle, because to avoid that feeling, I don’t hang out with people, thereby making sure that I really don’t have a life.  What can I do about it if I am just an inherently boring person?!  Short of curling up in a rocking chair under an afghan with only my knitting needles and a dozen cats playing with my balls of yarn, because, quite frankly, I’m not overly fond of cats.  Particularly not the ones who are always peeing in my yard!

I was in my doctor’s office today to get weighed (I am telling you, that scale is older than I am … I said that to the woman who weighs me, and she said that it is probably older than she is… it is seriously impossible to calibrate it, and I always just give up, which means it’s not accurate, but whatever), and I was going to ask about getting a blood test to check my iron levels, but I just … didn’t.  I figured it won’t kill me to give it another week to see if I become a chipper spry little thing!  (This is the part where I’d burst out laughing if I weren’t too tired to do it.)  Worst case scenario, I’ll be a walking zombie.  I’ve done it before, and I’m sure I’ll do it again.

Okay, I know I tend to spout off random Snapple Facts, but how on earth did someone searching for “a chameleon shoots out its tongue to catch prey at speeds faster than a fighter jet” end up on my blog?!  Speaking of Snapple Facts… “Real Fact” #897: The can opener was invented 48 years after the can.  Huh.  Interesting.  I guess we’re a lot less innovative nowadays, because most people with a can and no can opener would probably find themselves stymied.  It must be true… the generations are progressively getting more stupid.  Oh, well.

Just in keeping with my “no food pictures unless there is a non-food picture too” rule…


I am pretty sure this was on my way back from Nassau.  I so need to go on another vacation…

Have a lovely Tuesday!


10 responses to “Melting on Monday

  1. Thanks for the review on the granola bites! I saw these the other day at Target but was too afraid to buy them. I’ll have to go back for them now.

  2. adventuresofrecovergirl

    Ooo those crisps sound delectable! I am so searching for them this weekend (heck, if I have to go home might as well make the most of it :P)

    I totally feel you on the friend thing. I have no, well partying stories, thus I avoid parties because I feel so out of place for not being xcore drunky, then don’t have stories to share and don’t put myself out there. Granted, there is more to life than going out and partying, but in the current undergrad middle-of-farmland school I’m at… it’s sort of a blasphemy. Which is a shame, but whatevs. Anyway I’m rambling, so to sum… I’m sure this will cease with time and more outings 🙂

    And a proper pair of scissors and some innovation opens a can (don’t ask…) 😛

    Have a great night!
    ❤ Jenn

  3. That granola sounds really good! Though looks more like UK special k (different from US special k).

    I’m not getting that game- so if it’s true, you drink and if it’s not true…you drink? Lol. I don’t see how talking and sharing a lot is *that* different from blogging?.. Though blogs are kind of anonymous…but there is no alcohol involved (usually 😛 ) which I guess opens people up more? IDK.

    Google is doing some crazy stuff with their search function- someone googled “video of naked woman eating brownie” which led them to mine. YIKES!

  4. Yes! Jazz are the King of apples (or Queen? Do apples have a gender…I suppose Pink Ladies do) and red grapes are infinitely superior to green in my opinion.

    Yep, I have no stories to tell either and totally clam up in groups of people…well, more than one person actually…or scratch that, I can’t talk to anyone except myself! I have the same fears about coming across as boring or dull but I’m sure you’re not at all ~ from you’re blog posts you’re a dynamic, intelligent woman with a million great things to say and I’ll bet you’re far more interesting than someone with a serious case of overconfidence that rambles on about themselves with no cognicance or awareness of the people around her/him.

    Love your reviews~ I just wish I could find some of those products over here in rainy old England ; )

  5. themilkfreeway

    It would’ve been weirder if the can opener had been invented 48 years before the can 😛
    I’ve had friends like that before. Some of them are genuinely interesting but some steal other peoples stories and you just can’t get them to shut up! I always wonder how people can do that for hours on end without getting paranoid that they are boring the pants off everyone. I don’t think you are boring though. You wouldn’t get anyone following your blog if you were, surely that’s some proof to the contrary?

  6. I am always soo cold in any public building during the summer because they crank the AC way too high. I feel like a dope wearing a sweater and jeans when it is 80* outside, but when it’s 65* inside, I can’t deal!

  7. Mmmm, try FROZEN grapes! They are DELICIOUS, and perfect for the summertime!

    Oh, the heat sounds awful! Seriously, offices don’t know how to keep the buildings at good temps… mine gets too cold! So I walk in from hot temps outside (super hot actually) to freezing cold building and have to wear a sweater while sitting at my desk, and then taking everyting off again to go outside! Sheesh! I guess being cold and having to layer ON clothes is better than being so hot that you have to take things off… hopefully there’s only so much that you will take off… /: haha…

    You’re not boring! Otherwise I wouldn’t be here nearly everyday!

  8. that granola sounds JUST like the kind of thing that would get demolished in 0.6 seconds in my presence…dangerous with a capital D

  9. I want to try those popchips so much! Everyone talks about how great they are!

    glad to hear your office was a nice temperature for you today!

  10. I’m not sure I understand…how the hell can YOu be boring?! You’re awesome, and so witty and smart! I wonder if maybe you’re just not hanging out with YOUR kind of friends? Friends should be drawing you OUT, instead of shoving you IN.

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