For some reason, I’m just feeling kind of “down” right now, and I have no real idea why … so for the moment I will just pretend everything is fine and dandy and throw some photos your way.  Verbal vomit to follow.

There’s been a death in the fishtank… my oldest cory catfish went belly-up.  I guess the ammonia level is a bit high, but it usually is, and he’s been fine all along… must have just been old age, or something, because he didn’t even look sick.  Still, I have a hard time shaking this ridiculous paranoia that something goes wrong in the fishtank = something going wrong in my life!

it's the one on the lower left

it's the one on the lower left

Very early this morning, before I did anything or went anywhere else, I made the most essential of purchases.


I was actually intending to get calamine lotion, and I know everyone uses it for insect bites, but it doesn’t actually say anywhere on the bottle “for insect bites,” so I got this instead. (Thanks for the suggestion, Jaime!)  While it didn’t keep the itching at bay for more than twenty minutes at a time, that’s still twenty minutes longer than anything else I’ve tried, so this can count as a minor success.

I went to Whole Foods, too, where raspberries and blackberries were on sale.  They were gorgeous.  I so wanted to buy some, but I knew that I already had berries at home and that these would just go bad… and now I feel like an idiot, because I finished off the berries in my refrigerator when I got home (see below!), and now I have none.  Sob.  To placate myself, I got this instead.  (Yeah, I know, not supposed to be buying cereal.  But this is technically not cereal, it’s granola; and I finished a box yesterday, so I’m allowed to buy some of that, right?!)


It really is quite pathetic how impossibly difficult it was for me to decide which flavors to buy!!  If I didn’t already have so many boxes / bags of cereal / granola at home, I probably would have taken all three types of the Yogi and all four of the Ezekiel.  Speaking of the Ezekiel, I am loving the stats on this:


…in particular, the amount of protein and the lack of sugar.  This might also mean it’s tasteless, so I should really develop a “taste before touting” policy!  But so far, it looks great.

This was the moment where I began to kick myself for not buying the berries in Whole Foods:

vanilla yogurt, kashi honey sunshine, blackberries, raspberries, cinnamon

vanilla yogurt, kashi honey sunshine, blackberries, raspberries, cinnamon

Kashi Honey Sunshine is not my favorite cereal to put into yogurt, I’ve discovered.  It gets soggy too quickly.  I much prefer Fiber One.  I was going to toss some blueberries in here too, but, well, the bowl was kind of… full.  I got my blueberries elsewhere, because my oven birthed some goodness this afternoon.


Banana baked oatmeal (in the refrigerator now!) and blueberry cobbler…  I totally doubled the recipe for the cobbler and ate all of it in one sitting.  Um.  Oops.  It is okay(Self-talk!)

I also conducted a little experiment today, which I don’t believe turned out to be a raging success.  I sliced a kiwi in half and stuck it in the freezer before I left for work this morning.  Genius, because the halves froze together, which meant I had to hack them apart with a knife…
It was seriously impossible to eat this; it was frozen solid!!  I ended up nuking it … so I really didn’t have to freeze it in the first place.  Obviously, this idea needs some fine-tuning.  All and any input is welcomed!

Verbal Vomit time!!  Okay, so my friends and I are having a barbecue on Sunday.  I am less than thrilled at the timing of it — much later than is comfortable for me — and I can’t decide whether to take a chance that I won’t freak out and actually manage to eat, that late, with so many people; or if I should just eat before I go so that I don’t get shorted on calories.  But that isn’t even the entire issue here.  One of my friends sort of decided that arranging this whole shindig was her job, even though supposedly it was my idea, but that’s okay, since I don’t have time for it anyway.  She sent us all an email saying that we shouldn’t forget our cameras, and that we should each bring money to reimburse her for all the food she bought.  Now, you have to understand that while I am spendthrift, this friend is a complete cheapskate.  Seriously.  We’ve “battled” over a dollar before, because it was that big of a deal to her.  So when I emailed her back to ask what on earth she had bought, it was just due to a genuine curiousity as to how she could possibly spend that much money on food for so few people!  And she replied…

i dotn know if u know the rules of shopping, but u cant just purchase 10 hotdogs, 10 veggi/burgers and10 wings….u gotta buy them as a pack or two depeding on the quantity…and just like any restaurant where we’d split the bill…



Am I crazy to be a little offended that she’s talking to me like I’m retarded?  Fact is, we never split the bill evenly when we go out; it doesn’t make sense to do that if one person orders a $30 entree and someone else only gets a $5 appetizer!  When I pointed that out, she told me that if I was going to make such a big deal out of it, I just shouldn’t pay and they’d split it without me.  Which actually is a logical solution if I’m not even going to eat any of it, but that’s not the point… she only said that because she knows I’m going to pay anyway.  I emailed her back and told her that while I am not trying to be a bitch here, I am a little offended that she’s talking to me as if I’m stupid.  It sure will be lovely to hang out with someone who’s mad at me, now.  *sigh*  This is just maturity at its finest, I tell you.  And gives me more reasons to look forward to this event, yay!!  Not exactly the most “supportive” of environments, but I should be used to that, as home isn’t either…  


Another thing that pisses me off (yes, lots of things seem to do that!): a few months ago, the clock on my computer was off by a few minutes.  Monday morning, I come in to the office to find an email from J informing me that I left at 1.56 on Friday (we work until 2.00), and that “everyone would like to leave early on Fridays, especially D [co-worker].”  It was annoying because J is generally annoying, but also because I am always there before anyone else; I get in half an hour early, it shouldn’t matter if I leave four minutes early!  But the point is, D never shows up on time.  J doesn’t know this because it’s a rare day when he shows up himself before 10.30… but D generally comes in around 9.30 or 10.00, and then after about fifteen minutes goes out to get breakfast, and I don’t mean something like a smoothie than you can eat while you work.  No, he goes and gets a stack of pancakes with syrup, something that requires a knife and fork and two hands.  So I think it’s understandable that I’d be pissed off that he leaves at the same time as everyone else, when he comes in so much later!  Rant over.  For now.

I’ve got seven magazines to read tonight.  Yes, seven.  For some reason, I have to read magazines on Friday nights.  If they come during the week, even if I have time to read them, I just don’t, preferring instead to leave them for Friday night.  Is this just another type of “rigidity / inflexibility” that I should be actively challenging??  I suppose there’s no harm in choosing to read magazines on Friday night, but I guess it’s the principle of the matter.

Actually, I hope I can manage to stay awake long enough to read them all!  I’ve got no idea why I’m so exhausted these days, because I’m going to bed insanely early.  I’m wondering whether I’m anemic, because that’s the only explanation I can think of for it, but I don’t really want to go through all the hassle of getting tested!  Hmm… maybe I should donate blood instead.  That’s an easy way to find out.  :p
I asked my brother to take a look at my laptop, which now has 56 warnings.  He babbled something about cookies and told me that if I delete them, the warnings will go away.  Uh… which part of I am technologically stupid is unclear?  I don’t know how to do that!!  I guess I’ll have to go and beg him to show me.  Fun. 

Have a great weekend!


10 responses to “Inafunk

  1. No offense to your friend but I was a little pissed off by her reply. I’d have had to bite my tongue! Good thing it was email. So sad about your fish but I hope you’re starting to get out of your funk! Big hug love!

  2. Sorry about your fishy! I’ve never had much luck with small pets! They tend to poop out on me super fast! /:

    Urg, coworkers can be so frustrating! You just want to smack em sometimes and be like, “ARE YOU SERIOUS?! Get YOUR act together!”

    I’m pretty darn frugal, but your friend doesn’t really get the right idea about hosting a bbq… it probably should have been more of everyone pitch in and bring the different things… that way no ONE person has to pay for it all and then try to split it evenly, because you are, one person may not eat as much as another. But, I guess even potluck style that makes it a little unfair.. give and take, give and take!

    Feel better love! It’s not fun to feel crummy!


  3. Sorry about your fish and your rough time at work.

    As for the cookies, try going to your Internet preferences or history tab. There should be a thing that says “erase cookies” if you look around there. (On my mac, I go to Firefox->Preferences->Privacy->Show Cookies->Erase All Cookies. I hope that helps!)

  4. aweee fissshy 😦

    i hope things with you and your friends get sorted out!! situations like that are difficult… but it is just them having a bad day or superior momemt.. dont dwell, love.

    i LOVE eizkel brand cereal.. though i cant buy it right now .. haha, as i have 8 boxes or cereal/granola..

  5. So sorry you’re not feeling too well! 😦 And I’m also so sorry to hear about your little fishy…I’m sure he’s swimming in fish heaven right about now!

    Ugh your friend seems a bit pushy about the financial situation. I would maybe play it out in plain terms and let her know that in future reference she should probably explain what it is she is buying without expecting that others will chip in. Not cool!

  6. rediscoveringlauren

    Hi hun,
    id be pretty annoyed with your friends reply too!
    that banana baked oatmeal looks delish 🙂
    have a nice friday girlie, i hope you get some sleep tonight…insomnia is horrible!

  7. I’m sorry one of your fish died. 😦 I had fish as pets for many years… I’ve had anomaly’s… regular goldfish that lived 10+ years!! But it’s always sad to see them go.

    I have never heard of having to reimburse someone for going to their barbecue! That seems a bit over the line to me… especially like you said, you probably won’t be eating as much as the other people there.

  8. adventuresofrecovergirl

    Sorry about the fish 😦

    Yogi granola crisps?!?! Must find!!!

    I’m sorry about your friend and J. First the friend is a little bit hyperactive when it comes to money, obvi and you were right by saying that you were offended by what she said. If she’s still in a huff about it, whatevs, that’s her problem… life’s too short to fight over dollars and cents. And J, with the time, can I come and roundhouse kick him to the face Chuck Norris style? This man sounds like he got it with the stupid stick multiple times. Seriously.

    I hope you enjoyed your magazine reading and enjoy the weekend 😀
    ❤ Jenn

  9. thats really rude for your friend to asked to be paid back…thats not the point of a party!!

    RIP fishy :\

  10. hi love !! so sorry you are havin “one of those days” and also sorry about your fish 😦

    thanks for the shout- im glad the cream helped a little bit– although wish it was more 😦

    GREAT purchases– ive been curious about the yogi granola crisps and the ezekiel looks yummy as well!!

    ok– it REALLY bothers me when people are SOO anal about money! SERIOUSLY! i mean i understand certain things– but i feel like when someone plans to host a party– they should b responsible for the supplies unless it is understood its BYOB!!! and i think its ridiculous shes going to war like this over money and even more rude about what she said– there is nothing that irritates me more than people who are ‘cheap’ because its SOOO unclassy!

    that aside– i hope you have an amazing time at the bbq! if you want my opinion– i would just go about my normal eats for the day– if you are uncomfortable bc it is a bit later– perhaps have a small satiating snack like some nuts or nut butter a little bit before– but i think its great that you want to challenge yourself a bit by eating at the bbq– you will be fine! TRUST me girl! i’ve eaten dinners at 10, 11, even past midnight — NOTHING happens! it all works out 🙂
    oxoxoxoxoxoxo j

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