Because there were thundershowers in the forecast (which never actually materialized — not that I’m complaining!), the yellow glow had to come from some other source today!  I will inundate you with some random photos while you try to guess… ;p

yes, i wear camo.  okay?!

yes, i wear camo. okay?!

hmm... forgot about these

hmm... forgot about these

shiseido blue cream shadow courtesy of allure... love.  not my first color choice but when it's free you can't be too picky!

shiseido blue cream shadow courtesy of allure... love. not my first color choice but when it's free you can't be too picky!

…so have you guessed the yellow yet??  Oh, well.  Too bad.

banana and a lemon bar larabar

banana and a lemon bar larabar

For those of you who were wondering — that thing I said yesterday about banana peels helping the itch caused by a mosquito bite?  Yeah, it does not work.  I am just about ready to tear my arm off, it itches so badly!!  Today’s little science lesson: apparently mosquito bites itch because when the mosquito’s stinger pierces your skin, some saliva is injected into you, and it carries coenzymes and anticoagulants… which apparently make you itch.  How gross.  Class is dismissed!

struggle of the day... aka apple crisp nature valley bar

struggle of the day... aka apple crisp nature valley bar

Seems like every day there has to be at least one food-related thing over which I get stressed.  This happened to be it, today.  (Yes, I realize that the expiration date was in March.  This was actually done on purpose… I happen to like Nature Valley bars better when they’re stale, because I’m weird like that, so I bought a whole bunch of them to give them time to expire!)  In any case, I was going to take one with me when I left for work today.  I didn’t.  However, I did have one in my desk… because the last time I took one with me, the man in my head won out and I didn’t eat it, and toting it back home seemed kind of silly.  But apparently I am on a rampage now, because I didn’t want to eat it, and I did anyway, which is something that rarely happens to me, so, um, yay?  Me = 1; Other Side = 0.  Ha.

It seems that all day, my mom and my brother were moving my jar of sprouts around so that it would get the maximum amount of sun… I wish I could have watched the color changing!  But nonetheless … I made my favorite Hugh Jass combo (romaine, sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, veggie protein link, honey dijon vinaigrette)…


…and naturally, this was the star of the show!! It’s kind of sad how excited I am about this, actually. 😉


What on earth am I supposed to do with such a huge amount of sprouts?!

Mr. J was most definitely being a total j today.  My nutritionist called my cell phone (finally; we hadn’t actually connected in … oh … forever), and just as I answered, he comes up to me and says, “I need you right away.”  Now, if you ask me, considering that I was on my cell phone, he should have realized that this is possibly a private call, and since I acknowledged that I heard him, it would have been kind of nice of him to step away for a minute so I could hang up in peace.  Instead I had to keep saying, “I can’t discuss this right now,” like a total moron, because he wouldn’t go away.  (And you know what he wanted?  For me to carry some invoices up to Accounts Payable and beg them to pay them, even though they’re from the last fiscal year.  Which is totally not in my job description, but fine, I’m a sucker, so I did it… and the woman in Accounts Payable looked at me like I had fallen from another planet when I told her what he wanted.  I quote: “What is his problem?”  So I didn’t even have to prostrate myself and kiss her feet, as it turned out to be a nonissue.  But he’s thrilled to pieces because he thinks I did beg them, and in this case I believe in truth by omission.  Heh.)

I saw my therapist today, too, and I gave her my assignment (the one in which I was to write about what recovery looks like to me, and whether I want it).  She was going to read it aloud, but I told her that if she was planning on doing that, I would be leaving the room for the duration.  Does anyone else feel absolutely mortified at hearing things they’ve written read aloud??  Since I haven’t really re-read it since writing it, I’m not 100% sure what it says… but apparently I seem to really dislike myself.  Nooo… really?!  Yet when I’m asked why, or just what exactly it is about me that is so abhorrent, I can’t seem to put it into words, instead choosing to refer the asker to other sources whom I am sure find me just as hateable as I do myself!!  You’d think that after all this time ruminating over this one stupid question, I’d have figured it out, but nope, guess not.

Also on the floor was the whole “physical affection” thing… supposedly I missed out on that.  Maybe that’s why it doesn’t bother me; I’m not at all a huggy / kissy / touchy-feely person!  Are you a “hugger”?  My therapist claims that “everyone needs that,” but honestly, I’d sooner jump into a ditch filled with scorpions.  Possibly an issue.

Speaking of issues — for those of you who are not technologically retarded like I am, I have a question!!  I have AVG Anti-Virus, and I faithfully run my whole-computer scans… and that’s all nice and good when it comes up clean, but last night I got 21 warnings!  What the hell does that mean??  More importantly, what do I do about it??

Of course I must give you a Snapple Fact, and this one is rather season-appropriate!  “Real Fact” #716: There is a museum of strawberries in Belgium.  What could one possibly put in such a museum?!  (Any lurkers out there who live in Belgium… please visit and let me know!!  ;))

The week is a-l-m-o-s-t over… just the longest day left to go!  (And the barbecue, possibly, in a few days… eep.)  Have a fabulous Friday.


5 responses to “Yellow

  1. omg a strawberry museum!? how cool! lol!!!

    sorry J was being a j! some people just dont get it!!!!!

    i never was a touchy feely person until i started dating my boyfriend– and im only touchy feely with him– i get weird when other people hug me and stuff– i like hold my breath- its weird! hahah

    not too sure about the virus thing– i have a mac and im told they dont ‘get’ viruses but i feel your frustration– my old PC used to have so many warnings on the virus software! i never did a ‘clean up’ though– too lazy 🙂 lol!

    ughh sorry about the mosquito!!! hydrocortisone cream works well as does calamine lotion! both help with the itching! i think i am more allergic to mosquitos than most people bc my bites turn into WELTS!

    feel better soon love xoxoxox j

    ps– i cant remember if i’ve asked you– so sorry if i have– but where are you from?

    have a great night

  2. That is a TON of sprouts! WOWSER! Send me some? haha… that’s one thing you could do!

    Glad you got some good bars! Yay for the lemon larabar! (; Thanks again ALL to you!

    I think there’s an extent that you should have some physical contact and affection with someone else… I don’t know. If you don’t like it, then heck– don’t do it! As long as you don’t become some senile person who is critical of everything in life and only sees negative things… that’s probably along the lines of what your therapist thinks has happend or will happen. Who knows!

    Let’s go visit that museum together! I LOVE strawberries! But seriously, what all could you put in there?

  3. what to do with sprouts? Make a huuuuuuuuuge salad like mine 😛 Including kidney beans, salsa and some softer protein…tofu? Or a wrap. Hmm, I could eat a lot of sprouts.

    I would leave the room if my stuff was read out loud- my therapist would be more likely to ask me to read it myself. Um, NO?!!!!!! I’m so not a touch-feel-kissy-huggy person. I’m okay with that.

    I am so happy it’s Friday…

  4. themilkfreeway

    I put my sprouts in wraps too, but then I tend to think ‘ew, green’ and eat them first to get them out the way with! It’s weird, I like the taste of alfalfa but I can’t stop the automatic five year old in me wigging out at the sight of them 😛
    A strawberry museum?! That’s so cool, I want to go! I’m only a three hour eurostar journey away from Belgium, next time I go on holiday I will consider it, heh.
    I am not a touchy feely person either. And I would sink through the floor if my therapist read something I’d written out loud. Makes me shudder just thinking about it!

  5. I’m not a hugger, either. I have 1 friend who loves to give hugs, and basically she and my bf are the only people I am comfortable with physical affection. I HATE it when unexpected/uninvited people try to touch me, hug me, etc.

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