Alphabet Soup


When I was a kid, I went through a phase in which I loved alphabet soup.  I was actually thinking about this post for a few days, and I decided that while I meant the phrase “alphabet soup” in a non-literal sense, it ought to be accompanied by a photo of a real alphabet soup!  But, of course, since I actually liked something, they no longer make it.  Figures.

So, the reason why I was thinking of “alphabet soup” at all was because I decided to do a little exercise… I’m going to go through the alphabet and for each letter, come up with at least one thing that I like / makes me happy / for which I am grateful.  You can totally skip my boring list, but I’d definitely love to hear some of yours!

Aquarium – love my fishies!
Berries, baby powder, babydoll tops, baseball
Cereal, cherries, and crossword puzzles
Diet Snapple iced tea
Exercise, earrings
Flowers, freedom
Glow-in-the-dark stars
Helium balloons
Kaleidoscopes, ken ken, knitting
Laughs, luck, lettuce
Nature, novels
Oceans, orange (the color!), Ouidad
Perfumes, painting
Scuba diving, sudoku, sunshine
Understanding something I’ve been curious about
Waking up feeling refreshed
Xylophones (not cheating — they really DO make me happy!)
Yankees, yellow

…wow, that was a lot harder than I thought it would be!!  As a side note, I know I said they don’t make alphabet soup anymore.  I had to buy alphabet pasta and make it myself.  Which would have been fine, but the only one I could find was Eden Organic Vegetable Alphabets, for which I grossly overpaid.  Ah, well.  It looked more colorful than Ronzoni would have!  (Of course, I found that tonight… love Mr. Murphy.)


This post is already long, and it’s only going to get longer!  😉  I’ll try to keep it heavy on the images and light on the commentary, but you know me… I babble nonsensically!  Apologies in advance.

back to basics, sometimes...

back to basics, sometimes...

a little (very little!) bar

a little (very little!) bar

...which pretty must tasted like Cocoa Pebbles!

...which pretty must tasted like Cocoa Pebbles!

love cherries... don't love dealing with pits at work

love cherries... don't love dealing with pits at work

Okay, here comes some of the aforementioned babbling!  Some days are “see food” days — see it, eat it, move on with life.  Some days I am a cash register of sorts, and my brain is frantically calculating and re-calculating and re-re-calculating calories all day long.  I am not consciously doing this, but obviously it drives me completely crazy.  Numbers + me = disaster.  They belong on my paycheck, and nowhere else.  But today was one of those days.  I could not seem to stop my stupid brain from running up a tab, and for heavens’ sake, the sum will be the same every time, so stop doing it over and over and over again!

My clicking internal caculator was causing some anxiety issues.  Clearly.  Sort of on a massive scale by the time I got home from work, because of what I knew I had already eaten, and I was horrified that I was going to have to eat more.  (Side note: my mom was totally surprised to find out that I take food to work with me every day.  Um.  Okay?)  So I glumly set about making this salad (which, no, was not everything I ate):

raspberry chicken salad

raspberry chicken salad

Romaine, raspberries, and Lightlife chick’n strips… I blended vanilla yogurt, raspberries, red wine vinegar and Truvia for the dressing.  I had way too much dressing for the salad (I like to put on a bit, not drown it!), so I just ate the rest.  I ate salad dressing.  Is that totally insane?!

all tossed up (in a plastic freezer bag!)

all tossed up (in a plastic freezer bag!)

This was originally going to include some of my sprouts, but there wasn’t really much sunshine at that point, so no photosynthesis for me.  What would happen to someone if they ate white sprouts?!


After all of this insanely stupid crazy stress, I was more than ready to curl up in a ball for about a dozen years, but opted instead for a final F^*% YOU … and I will admit that I do have some reservations about even posting this photo, because for some reason I find it embarrassing, but whatever…

Real ice cream.  Not fat-free.  Not even low-fat.  And I felt incredibly guilty for it enjoyed every bite … don’t have a clue what I think anymore!!

Except that my hand is itching like CRAZY, and if it doesn’t stop soon I just may rip my own arm out of its socket.  Supposedly rubbing the inside of a banana peel on a mosquito bite will stop the itching.  We’ll see about that… I just bought a couple of bananas (and cherries… and grapes… and kiwi) tonight, and you can bet I will be eating one tomorrow, if only to get at the peel!

Snapple “Real Fact” #808: Some violins contain 70 separate pieces of wood.  Huh.  Fascinating.

I’m off to weep over my itchy hand catch up on some blogs… have a beautiful Thursday!


13 responses to “Alphabet Soup

  1. adventuresofrecovergirl

    I don’t remember being a fan of alphabet soup, but alpha-bit cereal? Count me in! I love that your version is colorful! Colorful stuff is always fun 😛 And Yankee fan? HECK YA 😀 My x would be x-rays, because I LOVE to be able to tell what’s going on (a PA showed us nursing majors a pic of a type of collapsed lung [yes, there’s more than one type!] and I was able to distinguish it wooo :P)

    I feel ya on the internal calculator! Some days its alright, other’s its add, re-add, double check, look up, weigh, measure… and the list goes on. It’s tad annoying seeing as math is not my forte nor my major. It’s like an accountant in my head. Sheesh, maybe that’s where the money’s at 😛

    I hope the banana trick works!
    ❤ Jenn

  2. lilveggiepatch

    Congrats on that real ice cream, girl! There’s just no comparison to the fake stuff. Great step!

    I remember Cambell’s alphabet soup really burning my lips when I was little… so salty!

  3. i think its AMAZING you ate that ice cream cone! and i think YOU are even more amazing!
    girl i can TOTALLY relate to the calculating vs non calculating times– sometimes its just SO easy to pinpoint what i want and really not care– other times its every little calorie– its hard but everytime we ‘dont care’ about the numbers– we grow stronger.
    love the earrings– and sorry about your itchy hand!

    xoxox j

  4. Sweet girl, I missed you and your witty rants! Good freaking job on the REAL ice-cream! That’s amazing! woo-hoo, girl!

    And haha, I like your idea of that “happy” alphabets…I’ll have to rack my brains too!

  5. Dude, there is no shame in ice cream. Eat up, buttercup!

    Those are such pretty earrings! And pretty hair, too.

  6. lovebug, you should be SOOOOOOOO freaking proud of yourself for listening to the REAL HEALTHY SMART AMAZING you who knew that it was totally aok to go for that ice cream cone and ENJOY it. This is simple wonderful and I am just so happy that you did it! I know that your mind has been going bonkers with all the calculating/not-calculating but with time I think you will get to a place where you can just “see it and eat it” as you said. No more fidgeting and adding up and what not. Sometimes it will be bad but othertimes not so much…its just about making the days where its not bad much greater than the days that it is!

    Oh and I loved the alphabet idea…so cute!

  7. themilkfreeway

    We don’t have alphabet soup over here but we DID used to have tins of pasta letters in tomato sauce, like tinned spaghetti. I didn’t like tinned spaghetti as a child, the texture creeped me out, but I made an exception and forced the version with letters in it down because I liked playing with it 😛
    Well done for the ice cream 🙂 Maybe it’s best not to bother trying to work out how you feel about it – just accept that it’s confusing and not likely to get any clearer in the immediate future. I have days when I can’t get my internal calculator to turn itself off too, it drives me nuts. It’s not like I restrict because of the number or that I’m not sure about the number, my mind just keeps going over and over and over it. I wish I had an off switch for my brain sometimes!

  8. rediscoveringlauren

    hi hun,
    love the alapahet soup..and the excersise too 🙂 ive done something similar before!
    i love all of your earings…youve got great taste!
    have a nice night girlie

  9. Ugh, the calculating thing is such a pain ~ for a while you think it’s gone and then for no apparent reason numbers just start crunching and it’s impossible to shut the running calculator up.

    That’s a great list! I’d have serious trouble with x,y and z though….b is a no brainer on the other hand ~ Bananas!!!

    Your dinner looks so colourful and well-presented. Please, no guilt over the ice cream! From your pics you’re still incredibly slender and one ice cream (or even ten) won’t make any difference.

    I hope the rest of your day will be number-free : )


  10. I LOVE THIS LIST! Seriously. You just made me VERY happy. See -> 😀

    Gah, sorry about the calculator thing… I am doing the same thing today and it’s driving me kind of nutso. I think it’s weird to eat salad dressing. I don’t think it’s weird to eat yogurt though and if the dressing was mostly yogurt, no problem. Though who am I to talk? I eat tzatziki and hummus with a spoon pretty frequently.

  11. i would always try to spell out my name with the the noodles 🙂 My mom got so mad at me for it. haha
    Love cherries, but I refuse to eat them in public. amazing salad!

  12. So glad to hear that Ouidad made the list!

    The raspberry chicken salad looks great but the real ice cream tops it off!!


    Valorie for Ouidad blog

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