Attack of the Killer Mosquito

This absolutely did not help my itching sitch.

After I (finally!) went to bed last night, I was very rudely awakened at 3.00 AM due to the fact that some insect was having a feast of a breakfast… me!  Seriously, if I had the same built-in repellent for insects that I do for people, I’d be good to go, but mosquitoes just love me.  So I slathered on some Extra Strength Benadryl and went back to bed, and woke up a couple of hours later to find that my right hand / arm was roughly double the size of my left.  Not at all pretty, let me tell you!  (Hi, Katie — I’d wave but my hand doesn’t want to do much!  And, of course, I’m primarily right-handed.)


check out the index finger / pinky

check out the index finger / pinky

This shirt comes with instructions… not just washing instructions, which would actually make sense.  No, for some reason, it was deemed necessary to write on the tag, “KEEP AWAY FROM FIRE.”  It’s a good thing they said that, though, because I do tend to send my clothes through flames every now and then.


And shame on me, I haven’t posted one of these in a few days!


My strawberry bowl was, very appropriately, used for Kashi Strawberry Fields this morning… and immediately followed by Enjoy Life very berry crunch granola (in the background).  My sense of order is appeased.  ;p  (On the general topic of cereal… I’ve yet to try any of them, but has anyone tried the new Multigrain Puffins?)


It must have been a strawberry day, because this made an appearance as well! 

strawberry chocolate chip Keribar 
strawberry chocolate chip Keribar

 And this isn’t a very exciting picture, but it is a very exciting occasion.  This is the first apple I’ve had since my wisdom tooth extraction in June.  I haven’t gone that long without an apple in… oh … ever?!  It was HUGE, though.  I have a theory about that… they know you’re going to buy X number of apples, but since it’s sold by the pound, they want you to buy bigger ones because then they can charge you more money.  It’s a conspiracy!  Personally, I like smaller apples better; I think they’re sweeter and more crisp.  Do you like your fruit small or huge?



I really must be an old woman at heart … it’s not even 10.00 PM yet, and I’d love nothing more than to go to bed!  So why am I not healthy and wealthy and wise yet?!  Are you a “morning person” or a “night person”?  I actually think I’m really a night person, but it just isn’t very practical or smart for me to stay up all night when I have to go to work the next day.  The drugery of the working classes, I tell you…

Speaking of work — J outdoes himself sometimes, he really does.  There was a whole mixup yesterday, which was really nobody’s fault; misunderstandings happen.  But he was f-r-e-a-k-i-n-g out over it.  In the end, it looks like everything is going to work out just fine, but nonetheless he sat down with me today to tell me that if something like that happens again, he would like me to “show more concern” and to help him “troubleshoot” to solve the problem.  I’m sitting there and wondering how having two people freaking out is going to solve the problem, but I just agreed with him, because it’s easier to keep him “happy.”

This doesn’t shock me at all, either, but the water in the pool was freezing again.  I have a sneaking suspicion that the thermometer is broken, because it’s read 69 every single week for about two months now!  While I prefer to swim in warmer water, I did manage to get in some laps before the Bobbing Ladies appeared to start knocking into my feet.

Even though I really shouldn’t spend money like this, I want to go on a vacation before I start classes again.  (Cue dread.)  Diving is imperative.  But one of my friends might come with me, and I want to show at least one person why I’m so crazy about this!  There’s a catch, though … she’s afraid of getting into the water off a boat, which means we’d have to do a shore dive.  That kind of limits things.  And I’m starting to wonder… I went through all the hassle of getting certified so that I can go below 30 feet, etc., etc., and if I go with her, it will be like I’m not certified at all!  Ah, well… I’ll worry about that when the time comes, since if the past is any indication, she probably won’t wind up coming along in any case.

Snapple “Real Fact” #690: A chameleon shoots out its tongue to catch prey at speeds faster than a fighter jet. 

This post is so all over the place and nonsensical… sorry about that!  I’m just way too tired to try and change that.  And, oh dear, I just spotted a mosquito in here.  It looks hungry.  HELP!

Happy Hump Day!


10 responses to “Attack of the Killer Mosquito

  1. Mosquitos are plentiful this year unfortunately. I’ve gotten bitten by mosquitos right here in my apartment several times already!

    I eat those Kerribars from time to time too. The one you had is good, but I think I like the apples & peanut butter one best. 🙂

  2. lilveggiepatch

    Those bars look so good! I want to try them.

    Sorry about the killer mosquitoes… I have a ton too!

  3. Yiks at the mosquito bite- something we don’t have here, thankfully. We have midgies instead which comes literally in swarms of thousands. makes camping trips a little uncomfortable 😛

    Big fruit and a morning person ALL THE WAY!

  4. i hate mosquitos…those suckers always get me SO badly! Hope you feel better soon esp cause I know how annoying bites can be!

    Oh and I LOVE having BIG fruit and im a mix between a morning person and a night person

  5. themilkfreeway

    Splat it! I never kill bugs usually, but I make a definite exception for mosquitoes. I hope your finger is better soon ❤
    I am a morning person. I've gotten better at staying up since I've been in recovery because I have more energy, I suppose, and am better at concentrating so I can keep myself occupied for longer. I swear when I was ill I would just go to bed because I was bored! But still, I am definitely a morning person. And a small fruit fan 🙂 sometimes big fruit tastes weird, especially peaches.

  6. im such a morning person. I love being up when no one else is 🙂
    ouch – I hope your bug bit heals asap!

  7. adventuresofrecovergirl

    Keep away from fire?!?! AHAHAHAHAHA That’s top on the list of “this company really IS covering there ass from being sued” Hey, your shirt caught fire because you had it too close to your stove? Not our fault, we warned you! hahahahaha

    I’m sorry about the mosquitos… I’m thinking about finding a helicopter, float it above my house and spray massive amounts of raid, you in? (Of course none of this is logical but I want to see the sad look on a mosquitos face once it’s been Raid-ed… “ooo nooo not the raiiiiid” :P)

    I’ll stop my nonsensical commentary now before it gets too big for it’s britches, and I hope you have a great hump day 😀
    ❤ Jenn

  8. I HATE misquotes, I am like you I attract them like crazzzyyy! It means we are sweet 😉

  9. I think all our clothes probably should be labeled with keep away from fire… especially with someone like me who is kinda a pyro when it comes to thinks like that. (:

    Yay for good bars that are named after me! haha! And I completely agree with you about the small apple thing… it’s probably true that the smaller the apple the better, more sweet, and crisp they are! Unfortunately for us, the US tends to think that growing things bigger is always better! URG!

    Yea, I haven’t really enjoyed swimming for quite a while… the water has to be pretty darn warm for me to get any enjoyment out of it. EVEN if the temperature outside is hot. I think it has something to do with the weight I had lost… I should be getting better about it, but that uncomfortable feeling still really turns me off!

  10. keep away from fire! haha…wellll, its not BAD advice…but still…

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