Fruitful Day

We switched from DSL to cable today, but my wireless router isn’t working because my brother is the only one who knows the username and password, since he set it up, and he is at work now. So I am being very industrious and typing this up in Word, since I am exhausted and cannot face the thought of staying up until midnight to blog! That’s IF he gets it working… for all I know, I could be typing this just for the sake of typing! Which makes me wonder… how did we fill our spare time before the advent of the internet?! I believe I have a slight problem… in the form of an internet addiction. Not a joke!Anyway, today was a kind of fruitful day – not in terms of productivity (though I guess I did make some headway in a project at work, one which I think is largely responsible for my itchiness, so I can’t wait to finish it already) – but in terms of actual fruit.

IMG_0044Fiber One with blueberries — I love this combination for some reason!


I have no idea what happened to that banana… it was a lovely shade of yellow, and smooth, when I left this morning. Apparently it didn’t travel well!

And a bar that I picked up in Stop & Shop the other day — as if I don’t have an already-enormous bar stash at home! But I’m developing quite an affinity for these granola bars that only have four or five ingredients!

granola honey roasted snack bar

granola honey roasted snack bar

My niece did wind up coming home yesterday. To be quite frank, I don’t know what her parents were thinking sending her there at all! When I went to camp for the first time, I went with a friend. (Who subsequently “abandoned” me, but that’s not the point.) I wasn’t Miss Social Butterfly, but I wasn’t exactly selectively mute either. She is. What on earth would possess her to go to camp on her own in the first place?? But okay. She’s back now. And if she doesn’t feel like a quitter, more power to her. …And now I find out that she decided she wants to go back, because she’s bored. !!!!!

My brain is really not functioning at the moment, so I am just going to leave you with a picture and a realization that I thought would never come from me, of all people. Apparently there is such a thing as too many vegetables. This isn’t even Hugh Jass… it’s Hugh Jass, Senior.


Broccoli stir fry with Lightlife chick’n strips and miso sauce…


Obviously, this pile of vegetation was solely intended as a vehicle for the miso sauce, since I’m trying to finish the miso! I whisked it with red wine vinegar and some Splenda, but it was still very tangy. Sometimes I wonder if I can’t differentiate between “tangy” and “salty” … not that it really matters, I guess!

It is currently not even 9.30 PM and I am so tired I could cry. It didn’t help that J was being a total, well, j today! Doing what he does best. Ah, yes, and I had this lovely encounter at the gym yet again – I’m telling you, there ought to be some sort of “gym etiquette” beyond the no grunting / sweating all over machines type of thing. This is the same woman who always makes these comments to me, and she doesn’t speak English all that well, which means if I’m going to understand her I need to ask her to repeat herself, which probably makes her think I am “fishing for compliments,” but the simple truth is that I don’t understand a word she says! But having established what she was saying, I kind of wished I hadn’t bothered. I’ll spare you the gist of it… but at the end she asked me if I was always skinny as a child, and I said no, because I am obviously stupid and should just have lied and left it at that. So she wanted to know how I got skinny – “Did you do exercise?” I was so frustrated with her by that point that I decided the truth might shut her up, so I told her that if you stop eating for a few years, that will happen. It did shut her up – for about three seconds. Then she came out with, “But I eat very little portions food and still can’t lose weight.” I just told her that sometimes that can happen if you don’t eat enough, and very rudely walked out the door. Seriously. This woman is starting to creep me out big-time.

Oh, and I also got this in the mail today… courtesy of Allure magazine. Mmmm!

Yves Rocher perfume

Yves Rocher perfume

…And as it turns out, cable IS light-years faster than DSL!

Have a beautiful Tuesday!


12 responses to “Fruitful Day

  1. hey girl!
    ughh that woman at the gym seems really annoying! i think you are doing well at handling it though– i would just try to brush her off as much as possible.
    the broccoli stir fry looks REALLY good! and cable IS so much better!! we just upgraded from cable to verizon fios but i honestly cannot tell the different– there is a HUGE difference between cable and DSL though! enjoy! 🙂 xoxoxooxx j

  2. Aww, glad your niece is home now! I never got bored in the summer and I was an only child. I just used my imagination and was very creative.

  3. she asked you…at the GYM if you exercise? LOL 😛 gah, am sure she means…I could say ‘well’ but she sounds like a busybody. Oy.

    Love your dinner- Hugh Jass is the way to go. I stocked up big time on veggies this week but realised that my fridge isn’t actually big enough to hold the amount I eat/need for a week. heh…

  4. haha that woman just sounds like a nut who is way too obsessed with her own issues about losing weight. She should just recognize that you are trying to get healthy and that you KNOW that you are way too thin rather than pointing it out to you. People can really be so insensitive. It’s not like you have no idea that youre really skinny. Oh well, you handled it well!

  5. themilkfreeway

    ugh, what an annoying woman! Not really much you can do with people like that other than ignore them. My bananas get like that in my bag too! I like them spotty though, they remind my of my dalmatians. I know that’s a bit weird 😛
    Oh goodness knows what people did before the advent of the internet. I can’t remember! I always think I’d be lost without it, but I probably wouldn’t miss it after the first few weeks. It’s do me good to spend less time online, I’m an addict too!

  6. Ugh, I get people like that at my gym too…in the end I actually changed gyms to avoid one particularly creepy guy who insisted on trying to talk to me. Sadly the one I’m at now is full of women who scruntinise everyone in terms of their weight and make snide comments if anyone is looking ‘bigger’ in their eyes. People don’t realise the pain that comes with disordered eating; they only see the end result and want ‘diet tips’ or something similar. Now that I’m at a healthy BMI the comments have mostly stopped and if they’re saying things about my weight behind my back I just try to ignore it. That woman does sound particularly irritating though: I think you handled the situation brilliantly.

    Love the blog!


    *ooh* and your stir-fry looks divine : )

  7. adventuresofrecovergirl

    Argh, people like that make me crazy too! It’s like, please mind your business and leave me be thanks! I think you handled it great, the truth may not have hit her, but I’m guessing it made you feel good?

    I looove the eats (are those bars really good? I have Giant at school, the same thing as stop and shop and I’ve been pondering buying them :)) and yay to stuff in the mail 😀

    I hope Mr. J, is well less J-ish today and your project flies by!
    ❤ Jenn

  8. My stepsister did the same thing with camp–did NOT want to be there, but changed her tune when she realized home did not have swimming, arts & crafts, and campfires….

  9. Boy, you sure can’t go wrong with stir-frys! They are amazing ways to use any kind of sauces that need using up… you don’t even have to make them Asian-ey!

    As for gym-lady, she really needs to get a clue. Some people can be so ditsy sometime! But, you did well in just brushing it off. Next time she comes, I’d suggest being prepped with an operation beautiful stickynote. Just whip it out and hand it over and walk away. Don’t say a word! (: haha, makes me laugh just thinking about it. Make sure the website is on there…

    That’s a nice big bottle of perfume Allure sent ya! Yay! Was that a “sample”? Wowza!

    Kids are kids… I don’t think they can make up there minds on anything! Or nothing is ever “good” enough!

    Have a wonderful night! Ciao!

  10. I HATE the gym thing…but Keri is right, ignoring is the best!
    Your blackberries are gorgeous!
    I LOVE this post, Check out my giveaway if you have the chance!

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