Hello Mr. Dermatologist!

…That is totally what I should be saying.  I’ve known that for a while, especially since I’m running out of moisturizer and need to get another prescription, but my dermatologist is one of those people in whose waiting room you wind up waiting f-o-r-e-v-e-r.  Which is why I keep putting it off.  This morning I got a cruel reminder that I really DO need to make that appointment.  My skin has been pretty unhappy of late, but — knock on wood! — it’s nothing TOO bad.  Because, you see, I don’t break out like most normal people do.  Oh, no.  I can feel a zit coming, which leads me to apply liberal amounts of tea tree oil, which usually does the trick.  But, oh, my, goodness.  It is painful.  So.  Not happy skin-wise.

However, today is an absolutely gorgeous day!  I’m always glad when the weekends are nice out, because I don’t have to spend the day cooped up inside a cave of an office.  (Not going to think about that … not going to think about that … not going to think about that!)  Although I spent the whole day reading yesterday, to be honest.  What can I say, I’m a total nerd.  Sue me!  ;p

So, maybe it’s obvious from my photos, and maybe it’s not, but I generally tend to use disposable paper goods.  This is partly due to the fact that I absolutely hate washing dishes… but come on, seriously, how difficult is it to rinse out a cereal bowl?!  We’re not talking crusted lasagna pans here, or anything.  Having decided that I ought to deserve to use “real” flatware, I bought a cereal spoon that has just been languishing in its bag because it seemed somehow odd to use it with a disposable bowl.  I was trying to find a bowl deep enough that oatmeal wouldn’t spill out over the sides, which means that it has to be microwave safe — and I really didn’t want to get something breakable!  Apparently this combination is all but nonexistent.  But in the interim, I did find this in one of my kitchen cabinets:


It’s been there forever.  It’s behind a glass door, for goodness’ sake, and it took me this long to think of it!  Okay, so it’s breakable.  But it’s pretty deep, and it’s microwave safe, and it has strawberries on it!  No… wait.  Those are tomatoes.  Call me crazy, but I hate tomatoes, and I don’t want to eat cereal out of a bowl that has tomatoes on it.  Hence, I went on a massive hunt last night for my acrylics.


It’s been a very long time since I’ve painted… or done anything creative, come to think of it.  But anyway… I can now use my cereal bowl in peace.  And I think the first thing in it ought to be Kashi Strawberry Fields!


I know it’s summer, and it’s warm out, and all that, but I just had to try out this idea that popped into my head.  I’ve seen other bloggers cooking oatmeal in tea, and I decided to give it a try… using diet Snapple iced tea!  I used the raspberry flavor, and stirred / mashed in some fresh raspberries.  It was cool because I got the raspberry flavor in every bite, instead of just when I happened to have a piece of actual raspberry on the spoon.  Now, if I had only put it in the refrigerator overnight, it would have been the perfect “summer” oatmeal.  😉


Random verbal diarrhea here.  My parents are going to see my great-aunt, because her birthday is in a couple of weeks.  (101!!)  I don’t think I’m going along with — not because I actively don’t want to see her, but because the timing is kind of inconvenient.  Is that incredibly horrible of me?!  My brother isn’t going either, and he doesn’t seem bothered by that in the slightest.  I don’t know why I think I have to do everything “just right” all the time, when clearly nobody else does… but I can’t seem to help feeling guilty anyway.

And another random spurt: one of my nieces is in sleepaway camp.  She hates it.  She wants to come home.  When I was at sleepaway camp for the first time, I hated it too, and I wanted to come home, but my parents made me stick it out.  Now they’re asking me what I think they should do.  Honestly, I don’t think I’m the best person to give advice here!  I was only ten years old (actually, I was still nine — my birthday was a week after visiting day); she’s fourteen.  I don’t want to say to leave her there if she’s absolutely miserable, because I honestly can’t say that I really have a strengthened character because I had to suffer through the rest of the month there!  By the same token, though, since she is older, I really wouldn’t want to send her the message that if you don’t like something, you can just back out of it.  Yes, sometimes you can do that; but what if she comes home, gets a job to keep herself occupied, and doesn’t like that?  It’s kind of different to jump ship when you’re an employee, and not a camper.  But I guess I’m a total softie, probably because I remember how … abandoned I felt when my parents left camp without me that day, and I said that if she’s really absolutely miserable, I don’t see why they should prolong her torture.  Visiting day is today.  She still wants to come home.  I’m assuming she will.  And somehow, I will feel “responsible” if she ever quits anything ever again.  Which is ridiculous — she is not my child, and this should not be my problem!  What would you do in such a situation?

I have some tofu being pressed in my kitchen, and it’s probably got all the life pressed out of it by now!  So I will take my be-spotted face over to tend to it, and see if I can’t find a paper bag in the process.

Have a great Monday — if there is such a thing!


11 responses to “Hello Mr. Dermatologist!

  1. Nice bowl!

    As for your situation with your niece… personally the thought of camp, let alone sleep away camp terrified me as a kid. To this day I cannot imagine anything worse. I felt like I was around other kids all year in school, and I wanted to get away from them during the summer! I am 100% sure that I would have been miserable. But that’s just me. My point is, everyone is different and if your niece is that miserable, then she should just come home. You only get so many summers as a kid, and why should you have to do anything you don’t really want to on summer vacation?

  2. I looove the bowl! There’s one of those “paint your own ceramics” place in town and I would love to try but I’m pretty sure whatever I did would come out looking like a five-year-old did it. Your strawberries look professional! I am tres jealous of your mad painting skillz yo 😛

    As for your niece, I get that feeling that you need to say “the right thing” but honestly you’re not the master of her life. Whatever happens after this summer is not due to that one thing you said once for advice. I know it’s hard but give your opinion and let it go. At fourteen she’s got plenty of mistakes to be made and choices to consider on her own ahead. (Sheesh, to be that age again would be lovely right? ha, bet she doesn’t consider that :P)

    I’m glad you had a wonderful relaxing weekend and have a great night 🙂
    ❤ Jenn

  3. Oh I love your bowl! SOOO cute! Do you wanna sell it to me? heh heh.
    Hm, as for your niece…I don’t feel it’s right to send a kid away where she is miserable at her summer vacation! That is not training her, that’s torture! Maybe give her a few more days to change her mind, and if she’s still unhappy, bring the poor girl home! She’ll have plenty more opportunities to strengthen her character!

  4. Love what you did with the bowl! 😀

    As for your cousin… I don’t know. I think it must be really hard to be away from home and not happy- I also know that in MY experience, when I was away, I’d generally be having a great time. When I spoke to my parents or wrote to them, feelings of homesickness would come flooding in and I’d sound like I hated it a lot more than I actually did, you know? I don’t believe in forcing someone to do something they absolutely hate unless it’s a life/death situation (!), especially at the age of 14, but homesickness at camp is common and probably hiding the fact that some parts are pretty fun. If there is a concrete reason WHY she hates it (ie, bullying or something), I wouldn’t hesitate to bring her home. Nobody needs that stress. How long is it for?

  5. Hee hee, I adore your paint job on the bowl. Way to make it work for ya.

  6. How adorable is that bowl! I absolutely love it and think you did a great job jazzng it up! And yummm the oats and raspberries that went in it looked so scrummy!

    Hmm in regards to your cousin, I would suggest writing to her on a regular basis in order to give her something to look forward to while she is there. I think homesickness and feelings of “i hate this place” are super normal. It’s really easy to miss the comfort of your home and your friends and that security but remind her that she has the opportunity to meet so many wonderful new people and that she needs to make the best ouf of the situation. It may be really tough right now but I think that is she just embraces the experience that maybe she will find some greatness in all of it. Just stay positive with her and keep reinforcing the importance of sticking through it. If there is something seriously wrong and she really cannot see herself stayin, then I would say it would be okay to bring her home. Otherwise I think its totaly normal what she is feeling.

  7. I haven’t ever tried making oats with any other fruit cooked in other than bananas! I think you’ve convinced me to try it. Your bowl is super cute too! I don’t thinkeating out of a tomato bowl is all that appetizing either… strawberries?? MUCH better!

    So did you end up really enjoying camp after sticking it out? I know you probably hated your parents for making you stay, and that might have put a damper on the experience, but really, how did it turn out? If it was something really great, where you learned a lot and had a wonderful time, I think I would really encourage your niece to stay.

    With your aunt, maybe if you feel so bad about it, it means you should go? Or, just make your decision not to go and don’t feel bad about it! It’s your decision and your life and if it’s not convenient or would make you miserable then you shouldn’t have to worry about it. But, figuring out what REALLY makes you miserable can be the tricky part… finding that you missed out on a really great opportunity to spend some quality time with family could be an even more miserable circumstance. No matter what you choose, don’t feel guilty– so goes life!


  8. tough call..i say stick it out. might as well learn coping mechanisms now, plus in terms of “horrible” situations, this is a pretty mellow one to learn such lessons, right? plus you had to stick it out…tit for tat…

    that bowl is SO cute!

  9. aww that bowl is absolutely adorable!!!
    delicious bowl of oats 🙂

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