“Jousting is the official sport of Maryland.”

Snapple “Real Fact” #894.  Seems like the past few days, I’ve been blogging with a diet Snapple iced tea on the floor next to me, the cap of which revealed a new “fact” … if that keeps up, I won’t ever have to worry about finding a post title again!  Heh.

I am saddened to report that I am just as itchy as ever.  I took along antihistamines with me today when I went to work, but I couldn’t actually use them, because I was so exhausted already that doing so would most definitely have just put me right to sleep!

this is the eye of a sleep-deprived lunatic... ha, you can see my reflection in it 

this is the eye of a sleep-deprived lunatic... ha, you can see my reflection in it

In other random picture news, try to contain your shock…



The scale is just in the picture by freakish coincidence… I am happy to report that I did not, in fact, use it.  (On that topic — I am so tired of feeling so… bulbous all the time.  Seriously.  How long am I supposed to put up with that?!)


Now that I think of it, today actually proved to be a pretty boring day.  I realized that I spend way too much time at work… I come home, go to sleep, and before I know it I’m back at work again.  This is a very depressing concept.  Maybe I’m just really really bad at managing my time, but how do people manage to have both a job and a “life”?!

The hibachi steakhouse has been officially removed from the table as an option for a get-together with my friends.  Now it looks like we’re leaning towards a barbecue.  (A late-night barbecue.  AHHH!)  Someone asked me if I’d eat a veggie burger if it’s made on the same grill as meat… I’m frazzled enough at the notion, and I really don’t want to worry about that right now, so I just told her that the whole point of this is for us to be spending time with one another, and she shouldn’t concern herself with what I will / won’t eat.  Besides, we’re thinking of making it a potluck anyway.  Why oh why oh why does the world revolve around food…

Speaking of food, some Various Victuals from today:

apple peanut butter Keribar

apple peanut butter Keribar

These bars are really growing on me … when I first tasted them I thought they were kind of weird, but I like them now.  (Good thing, too, since I have a case of each flavor!!  :p)

polyploidy grapes!

polyploidy grapes!

Can you use the term “polyploidy” for grapes? … I’ve only ever heard it used in reference to strawberries!  I have no idea who bought these grapes or where they came from, but they were just kind of … eh.  Oh well.  Better luck next time!

I’m still working on finishing off my last package of tempehtations… I had a cute little acorn squash lying around, so I roasted it with some teriyaki sauce (okay, soy sauce with Splenda… whatever) and ground ginger.  Forgot about it while it was in the oven, of course, and so it got kind of … well-done.  I couldn’t decide whether to make a salad or a wrap, and, as you know — when in doubt, do both!


In the wrap (which was clearly on the grill for way too long!): spinach, roasted acorn squash, tempehtations
In the salad: romaine, roasted acorn squash, tempehtations, Asian dressing

Tomorrow is a fast day… (A religious fast day, not an “I have decided I am too fat to be eating” fast day!)  I haven’t decided yet whether I am fasting or not.  Technically, since it isn’t one of the “major” fasts, I don’t have to.  And contrary to popular belief, I actually don’t like fast days.  Twisted logic behind that, because it’s solely due to the fact that once you start fasting, it means you’re going to have to break it eventually, and that is the part that I hate.  But that’s another story entirely.  It just makes me feel really guilty, I guess, to even be ruminating on whether or not I’m going to fast, because why am I so damn special that I can pig out while everyone else around me is sweltering and not able to drink??  Though that’s just the most basic of reasons.  I feel like I go through the same argument with myself every time this comes up (between four and six times a year!) — you’d think I would have gotten over this by now.  I guess not.

Have a happy Thursday!


12 responses to ““Jousting is the official sport of Maryland.”

  1. fruitsveggieslife

    I haven’t decided whether to fast or not either. I want to, but I know that the following days would make me feel weak, because I would eat again. So. I just don’t know. Good luck with your decision!

  2. wow, you’ve got a beautiful eye! Now let’s see the other one! lol.
    Good luck on your get-together…I think your response to your friend was a good one, but still, I do hope you challenge yourself on that night and manage to enjoy yourself!
    Social activities, whether you like it or not, will ALWAYS revolve around food…all the more reason to develop normal eating, don’t you think so?

  3. Love your reflection in your eye! Lol.

    I didn’t know today was a fast- too late, I just had breakfast! I *thought* (what my Rabbi said) is that fasting isn’t allowed if you have a medical condition. Which you do, regardless of what you will email me about this comment later 😛

    I really like the apple peanut butter keri bar! Have you tried the strawberry one? Also good 🙂

  4. look at those pretty eyes of yours!

    I hope that tonight goes well with your friend and that you can really enjoy yourself. You need to challenge yourself in order to burtst the bubble you have immersed yourself in. Its time to go live and be loved and share those pretty eyes with the rest of the world!

    And as Sophia, said almost ALL social outings involve some sort of food so I would def try to get more comfortable with it otherwise life will never get easy and I really want life to be fun and enjoyable for you!

  5. rediscoveringlauren

    hi hun
    your got gorgeous eyes 🙂
    ooo that wrap looks great!
    good luck with your get together with your friend, i really hope you have a great time!

  6. themilkfreeway

    I don’t know about you, but I am quite capable of feeling too big whether I am at my lowest or highest weight, so I am resigned to just ignoring anything I think or feel about my body for the next year or so. I think trying to approach it in a ‘meh, whatever’ sort of way is less stressful than waiting impatiently to feel good about myself 😛 although that is easier said than done.
    Potluck definitely sounds like the less stressful option! I have the world’s best excuse for bringing my own food with me everywhere 😛 I hope your get together works out OK.

  7. pretty eyes! I always think that eyes are the prettiest feature on the face, I always play my up as big as possible!

  8. adventuresofrecovergirl

    Hi there!

    As I was reminded yesterday “normal” people always involve food in get-togethers, emotions, etc… they just acknowledge it…whereas we don’t. But a potluck sounds like fun! I find things like that an excuse to cook (or attempt to :P) for others so that’s fun 🙂

    Good luck with today! (and PS I’m already wordpress obsessed :D)

  9. fearlessfabulousfulloflife

    hi lovely girl!!

    LOVE the top n earrings as always 🙂 and of course the eye pic– you have lovely peepers! (lol i feel so weird calling them that!!)

    i think the BBQ sounds great! you know– ED is such a weird thing because it gives different people different fears– most girls have a fear of eating too late– i have a fear of eating too early (dinner any time before 7 or 7:30). in fact– when i went to NYC to visit my boyfriend– we ate dinner with his parents at 12:30 AM!!!!

    i can honesty tell you girl– that the timing of meals has NO effect WHATSOEVER! i know its easier said than done– but you can do this!!! just go according to how you are feeling– it might mean having a snack before the BBQ to take the edge off your hunger a bit then having a little bit smaller of a meal if your not all that hungry! just LISTEN to your bod and you will be fine– PROMISE!!!

    LOVE that keribar by the way! i like the strawberry one too 🙂

    i had no idea today was a fasting day (and i was raised jewish) thanks for the info!!!

    xoxoxox j

  10. haha i love those little snapple random facts! they are fun to read 🙂
    you are one fashionista – love the shirt 🙂

  11. MMM, that wrap looks amazing girl!! Oh, and to answer your question from my last post….I just soaked the tofu in bbq sauce for an hour then baked ’em in the oven at 400 for 30, 35 mins! 🙂

  12. what cute wraps! you really heart those babydoll shirt/dresses…makes me wanna go shopping

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