Just Here

Sometimes I just sit at my computer and stare at the screen, knowing that I want to say something but not quite able to pinpoint what that is… which is what’s happening right now!  I’m not sure whether that’s because I don’t actually have anything to say (a distinct possibility!), or because I just can’t find the words for it (also very possible).

Unless I magically find some words, I’ll dive into some pictures.

Someone (not naming any names, here ;p) didn’t feel like getting dressed this morning!!


This thing totally does not fit.  It never did.  I was just not interested in the hassles involved in shipping it back, so I just kept it!  Brilliant move.


Just one (okay, two, but the first one doesn’t really count) food-related photo… this is probably my favorite granola.  It comes in four different flavors, and this one isn’t my favorite flavor, but it’s what I had today anyway, so that’s the picture.  ;p

Bob's Red Mill apple strawberry granola

Bob's Red Mill apple strawberry granola


Oh, yes, lest I forget… I did buy this today!!



Actually, I was in that store because I thought I could get PB2 there, but apparently I am a moron and I was confusing PB2 with Better ‘n Peanut Butter.  I really don’t think I need four jars of PB2!!  For those of you who have ordered / received PB2: does it have a “best by” date on it?

This uninspired post is number 99… so not only will the next one be a longer, probably more boring one (promise!), I will also be announcing the winner of my giveaway!

Have a great Wednesday… almost at the long weekend!!


8 responses to “Just Here

  1. ack, not PB2! Come on, it’s not “real” PB! Haha, I’m a PB snob. But since they are from dehydrated peanuts, probably the expiry date is much later…
    jicama! What are you gonna do with it?

  2. hey girl!! LOVE the earrings 🙂 soo glad your cousins are out of your house– hopefully you can relax a bit 🙂 and girlll i think the guy you were buying pringles from was FLIRTING with you lol! but i can totally understand why you’d get annoyed at his comment– its just annoying to us when ppl comment AT ALL on what ‘we eat’ or food we are buying. no worries though!!

    i LOVE jicama– i’ve never seen it in whole form though– so thanks for the pic 🙂

    have a great night xoxoxo j

  3. Seriously I’m pretty sure I start 99.9% of my comments on your blog as “I love your earrings” in various ways. So yea, I love them 😀

    Yay to being closer to a holiday! Granted, being unemployed makes everyday a bit of a holiday (however, when that is turned into an excuse for more treatment… and being a complete hater of free time not so much :P) but it usually puts people in a good mood, thus making the world a better place for five minutes.

    Or in my mind it does haha, oh idealism 😛

    Have a great night ❤ Jenn

  4. LOVE the earrings!

  5. lilveggiepatch

    Mmm, I’ve never seen that BRM granola. Lookin’ good!

    My PB2 says best by March 2010. Like it’ll last that long!

  6. pretty earrings! Hopefully they make nice noises when you walk haha

  7. That granola looks good – can’t beat the apple and strawberry combo!


  8. rediscoveringlauren

    love the cute earings 🙂
    ooo jimaca!! i cant find them anywhere!
    that granola looks delish!
    have a great day hun

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