Fear… and Great News!!

“By virtue of its inborn nature, the mind rules the heart.”

Where does fear originate?  Is it a matter of the mind, or a matter of the heart?  Since fear is not necessarily logical, I would guess it’s probably a matter of the heart.  In that case, I should be able to rationalize it away.  But apparently that isn’t how it works.  Human nature is to fear things that will potentially cause harm to oneself.  In that case, why is being dangerously underweight less frightening to me than the alternative?  The only way I can explain it is this: let’s say you were standing at the edge of a river that may or may not be populated by alligators.  Your innate drive for self-preservation would prevent you from wading into the water.  But if there was a bear chasing you, your hesitation would likely not be as great, because the bear is a definite danger, whereas the possibility of alligators presents a possible danger.  For some reason, this is flipped in my mind; being underweight is my alligator, and gaining weight is my bear, when it should really be the other way around.

That was just me rambling senselessly, sorry!!  On to the great news: my cousins are no longer in my house!  They’ve gone to my aunt and uncle for a visit, and apparently they will be staying there until they go to the airport.  I was absolutely ecstatic when I heard this news!!  It just about made my day.  If I weren’t such an incredible klutz, I would have done a joy dance.  As it was, I just sent up multitudes of silent prayers of thanks for this earlier-than-expected reprieve.

Random aggravation: I was in Walgreens this morning, buying Pringles for my brother and almonds for my father. Four very large cans of each. The guy at the register laughed a little and said something like, “You like to snack, do you?” I gave him a dirty look, which probably escaped him due to my sunglasses, and told him that they weren’t for me. As if it’s any of his business.  (Shut up, brain.  He didn’t mean that you look like you could, and often do, eat all that in five seconds flat.  He’s just being an idiot.  A rude idiot.)

Now then, some pictures.

You know my philosophy: there’s no such thing as too many babydoll-style tops!!  Love.


And of course I had to find some jewelry to match it… though the shade isn’t exact.  Tsk.  I actually thought the bracelets were a necklace when I bought it, because I’m brilliant like that.


So before I got the fantabulous news, I was excited that I can finally eat cereal again!  I really was more in the mood of a flaked cereal this morning, but I thought I should probably grab some of the Kashi Mighty Bites before they all disappeared.


It feeds (no pun intended!) my cannibalistic urge.  I can quite literally bite people’s heads off!

I was also excited because I could finally try the Enjoy Life Foods cranapple crunch granola.

Doesn’t it just figure that I’d like this flavor the best, since it’s the most difficult to find?!  The tartness of the cranberries and the sweetness of the apples in this granola are just perfect together.

And there actually is a Bar of the Day, too…


Action Nutrition peanut butter chocolate protein bar… I will not be buying this again, sad to say.  First off, it is insanely expensive.  It is also enormous, and maybe that’s why it has more calories than I like in a bar, but it also has far more sugar than I am comfortable with — I’m okay with “too much” sugar occasionally, but that’s only if I like it!  The list of ingredients is about seventeen miles long, and even if most of that is because of added vitamins and minerals, I still don’t think I will be repeating this.  It would be good if you REALLY love peanut butter, because it is essentially a block of peanut butter coated in chocolate; I do not like peanut butter like that.  I have a chocolate molten flavor too; which I already know I probably won’t be buying again, but maybe eating that one won’t be so torturous.

To end on a slightly sweeter note:


Musselman’s has done it again!  This blueberry pomegranate flavor isn’t quite as good as the lite mixed berry, but it was still pretty wonderful, with a lovely balance of tart pomegranate and sweet blueberry.  I have a huge stash of different flavors of applesauce, as you saw yesterday, and suddenly that is very exciting.  I am such a dweeb.

This is post number 98, which means that after my next one, I will be drawing the winner of my little giveaway! Oh, the excitement. 😉

Enjoy your Tuesday!


10 responses to “Fear… and Great News!!

  1. I’m pretty sure the bear/alligator fear analogy is the best analogy ever. And I got to thinking about where fear originates, and I’m thinking maybe it’s a mixture of the two. Sometimes fear has some experienced-based rationale (like I refuse to tell anyone I live with I have an ED because experience tells me people are to be distrusted until proven otherwise, sigh.) But definitely a good point to ponder 🙂

    WOOO THE BUGGERS ARE GONE 🙂 I’ll dance with you and look like a fool… nothing better than looking like a dork 😛

    And as always, I’m super envious of your jewelry/outfit coordination skills!

    Have a nice, peaceful night without the rugrats!
    ❤ Jenn

  2. lilveggiepatch

    Woohoo! Congrats on getting your space back!

  3. you have cannibalistic urges? Good to know 😉 Glad you have your house back!

  4. Interesting thoughts on fear…I love random blog musings, they always make me think! That guy at the store sounds like a complete jerk. If he’d said that to me I would have had the same reaction!


  5. rediscoveringlauren

    really interesting thoughts on fear!!!
    love that dress 🙂 its such a nice colour!!
    have a great tuesdday hun!

  6. I’m happy you’re happy with the house to yourself again! It is nice to have your space not constantly being infringed upon!

    Babydolls are great shirts! I find them super comfy for some reason.

    I’ve never really thought about the FEARs I actually have. That’s a really interesting thought, and to an extent, I too fear being the polar opposite of underweight. But, I DO NOT fear being at my healthy weight. I can only hope that when I get there, that my body will stop wanting the enormous amounts of food that I have to eat to gain, and that it will be able to maintain itself… and really that brings in trust too… I have to trust myself that I will have the will power to be healthy. Seriously, I don’t think it’s possible for me to be lazy enough or to eat enough to get obese/overweight… I bet it’s the same way for you!

    Hey, about the jicama, if you ever get confused in the produce section, just as one of the store workers! They should know what it is! (:

    Have a wonderful day!

  7. that’s quite an intense little analogy there but I do think it screams a lot of truth. I know that you are in a very fearful place right now but think about it this way…a bear is too powerful and strong to beat so the fight you put up against it just might kill you. An alligator can be beaten. It is sure as heck strong and has razor sharp teeth but if you position yourself you can grab its snout and save yourself from the bite and the tearing you to pieces (sorry a bit visual) haha. In other words, why don’t you take on that alligator and just shut his snout. Turn to the bear and accept that he is the winner. Who knows, you just might be lucky enough to get a bear hug 😉

  8. KAshi mighty bites are great! And I love flavored applesauce! 😀

    Love the blog!

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