Thursday Thoughts

Thank you for the lovely comments on my last post — you are all just too, too sweet!!
To begin, I present you with…
PBJ pancakes

PBJ pancakes

1/3 c Aunt Jemima whole wheat pancake mix, 2 t All Whites, and 1/2 T peanut butter.  I did try to do this the conventional way (as in, using a pan on the stove instead of the microwave), since I was plopping a dollop of raspberry preserves in the middle of each pancake, but apparently my pancake-flipping skills are beyond abysmal.  I reverted back to the microwave for the last one!  I hate having a started cup of All Whites in the refrigerator, because inevitably someone knocks it over, so I “scrambled” them in the microwave with cinnamon and Splenda.  (Yes, most people use salt and pepper.  I don’t.  :p)
I must say, considering that I got dressed before 4.30 AM, it is quite impressive that I managed to do it at all!!
love embellished pockets

love embellished pockets



VERY matchy-matchy!!!! 

VERY matchy-matchy!!!!

Today was a “Hugh Jass” day in every sense of the word.  On my way home from the urologist, I stopped off at what I call The Muffin Man… that isn’t actually what this bakery is called, but they have a huge variety of sugar-free (as in, naturally sweetened), fat-free muffins.  It isn’t exactly next door to me, so I wound up getting a dozen (!!!) different flavors and freezing all but one of them.  (Sounds simple, but oh, the agony involved in deciding which one that would be!!  I’m so indecisive it’s ridiculous.)



Got to label them all so I know what’s what!!  Off the top of my head, I think I bought blueberry, cherry, oat bran, marble white chocolate chip, corn, chocolate chocolate chip, chocolate white chocolate chip, marble chocolate chip, apple cinnamon, cappuccino chocolate chip, carrot, and bran.  Wow, I think that’s all of them!  Here is just exactly how Hugh Jass the bran muffin was.


Hmm, maybe that doesn’t quite do it justice.  Let me try this again.


I was also very brave, because I am hardly ever at home for lunch, and I wanted to have a salad that I made instead of got from a salad bar.  The bravery here is that salad probably qualifies as “solid” food… and my jaw was not very happy about this whole “chewing on one side” thing.  Ah, well.  It was truly of Hugh Jass proportions.  More chewing for me!
romaine, alfalfa sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, veggie protein link, honey dijon vinaigrette

romaine, alfalfa sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, veggie protein link, honey dijon vinaigrette

About the urologist… basically, I went through all of this fuss to find out that I have a small bladder (which I could have told you myself) and tense muscles.  Thank you.  There is nothing wrong with me.  Not that I want there to be anything wrong with me, you understand, but I just was hoping for more of an explanation, if you know what I mean.


I mentioned in this post the veggie burgers with which I fell in love… so, naturally, they’re impossible to find now.  I was hoarding my last two, and then today my dad told me that he was eating one of them so I should stay on top of it.  My reaction to this was probably way extreme, but I was very very upset!!  First of all, it is not my job to “stay on top of” his food supply; and I know it’s crazy to get so upset about it, but I can’t help it — it wouldn’t be a big deal if I could buy more of them, but I can’t.  Along those lines, more cousins are staying in my house, and they finished off some of my cereal.  This isn’t as irritating as the time when a cousin finished my cinnamon Kashi Mighty Bites, which was already discontinued, because I can buy more; but it does annoy me a little bit.  Is it just me who thinks this, or is it a little rude to finish something in someone else’s house?? …There will be cousins here throughout the weekend and through the middle of next week.  Can you tell I am stressed out by this?!  (Kind of a rhetorical question, I suppose.)  It seems like someone always barges in when I’m eating, which makes me feel so self-conscious, because beyond the general anxiety I get from eating around people, it really seems like I am always eating.  Well, hmmm.  That part is actually true.

Okay… I’m sorry about that meandering little downer… I’ve noticed that that tends to happen to me when I just sit with myself for a period of time, especially when I’m “feeling fat” like I do now.  I start to overthink things and ruminate on all these depressing (for me) topics, and, well, surprise surprise, the result is that I wind up feeling depressed!  How’s this for a downer — it’s back to work tomorrow!!  Oh, well, at least it’s Friday…


13 responses to “Thursday Thoughts

  1. Ugh. I hate having to share the food in my house. I grew up with a dad who was always eating the last [whatever] when he’d already had his share, then I lived with a boyfriend who would polish off packages of things while I was at work (he worked from home). So even now, when I don’t live with anybody full-time, I still feel extra protective of my food and worry about it running out!

  2. Hey love!

    I totally understand being upset when people go through your food. I thought I was ok for a while last year (guys just eat shit anyways), and then my stoner roommate went through a PB I had from TJs (which I can only get 4 hours away!) I was PISSED.

    I’m obsessed with all of your earrings btw. They are all fabulous!

    I hope you find time to rest with all the family around!
    ❤ Jenn

  3. hey girl!! just catchin up now!!

    as for your last post– i never pick out waht im wearing the night before, and i rarely ever match lol! i guess im really not that ‘girly’ if you will… my bf makes fun of me for this and likes to point out when my purse doesnt match my shoes hahaha!!

    those pancakes look great!!! delish! and lovin the hu jass salad :)!!!!!

    you have beautiful eyes by the way!!!!! oxoxox

  4. Oooh the pancakes look really good! And woot, muffins are fun! Hahaha glad you got a bunch!

  5. Nice breakfast! And I like the orange theme. It’s such a nice color!

    Skippy Natural is the best! 😉

  6. cool pancakes 🙂 I get stressed when people eat my food too :/ I would guess that your cousins didn’t think twice- for people without ED’s, it doesn’t occur to them that it might be upsetting…it’s *just* cereal to them, you know?..

  7. omg the pancakes! Yummm! And I am loving those muffins! My fav is zucchini 🙂 Mmm

    And I def feel you when people eat your food…stresses me out. I need to get over it.

  8. rediscoveringlauren

    hi hun
    yup sharing food is defo a sensitive thing haha! I hate when theres something i love and someone finishes it without replacing it or saying anything!
    those pancakes look delish 🙂
    ooo cute earings!

  9. I would go crazy over people eating my food too – which is why I keep it all either in my cupboard in the kitchen or my room! Those pancakes look great, I’ve never tried putting jam in them before cooking them, it’s an interesting idea…hmmm. Well done about the muffin and home made salad 🙂

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