Words of Wisdom (ha!)

I have the same question... what is the POINT of them, if they have to come out?!

I have the same question... what is the POINT of them, if they have to come out?!

This is going to be pretty short, because it’s nearly 1.00 AM and I am still awake… too much catching-up to do on my Google Reader!!  (Which is one of the best things to be added to my life in recent memory, I must say.)

So, as a quick re-cap… remember how pleased I was about how the Codeine had no effect on me?  That made me far less wary of taking another one six hours later.  That one certainly did have an effect.  Even with my head spinning in circles, I was terrified that I’d end up feeling nauseated too, so I am SO done with the painkillers, and I just took myself to bed.  Before midnight, on a Friday night, which never happens.  I slept for twelve hours, and I am still exhausted.  My mom claims it’s because of the antibiotics, but that’s not listed as a side effect, and it’s never happened to me before.  She says “everyone knows that.”  Really?  Have any of you ever heard of that?!  I know it’s probably too soon for me to say just yet, but so far, I think I’ve been pretty lucky; yeah, it’s pretty uncomfortable and not something I’d choose to do again if I had a choice in the matter (duh), but as long as I’m not actually talking or using my mouth (TWSS… or maybe it’s just my perverted sense of humor!!), it’s not anywhere near the horror I thought it would be.

No pictures, but here is some of what I discovered over the past thirty hours or so:

  • I possess the ability to eat yogurt without actually opening my mouth

  • Cold oatmeal is not as nasty as it had always sounded to me

  • Birdseye cooked winter squash, baked with bran, cinnamon, and nutmeg, is oddly tasty

  • Sometimes it is good to have cereal get soggy quickly

Speaking of soggy cereal… I did mention this back when I bought it, but Kashi Cinnamon Harvest and Island Vanilla were disappointing to me because of how quickly they lost their crunch in liquid.  Which is perfect for me now, especially since they’re a higher-calorie cereal.  (This actually does still creep me out.  Even if I’m trying for it.)  After an intense internal debate (Boost Glucose Control–water–Boost Plus–water!!), I poured the Boost Plus over it.  And then had to sit and stare at it for ten minutes while it got soggy enough for me to actually eat it, because as it turns out, the fat in the Boost Plus prevents it from immediately soaking up the liquid, or something.  I guess the momdar caught on to this, because she lit into me right after that.  I’ll spare you the lovely details.  But …

It really does make me wonder about my “motivation,” if that’s the right word for it.  I haven’t actually said anything to my mom about what’s going on about this … because I learned a long time ago that trying to talk to her about certain things is like banging my head against a brick wall, and this is one of those things.  So I guess that to her, everything is the same as it’s always been.  (Ha; I suppose I haven’t actually gained ten pounds in two days, then?!)  But still, it makes me wonder if maybe she isn’t right, and I’ll just give up on it because that’s what everyone seems to “expect” to happen.  …I shouldn’t be thinking that way.  Not to sound overly selfish or anything, but it’s supposed to be about me.

The surgeon’s assistant was all about heaping compliments… maybe they figure it will help distract people from the fact that their faces are being approached by sharp implements that have no business being anywhere near a human visage!  So apparently I have “gorgeous curls,” “stunning eyes,” and “beautiful teeth.”  (Outwardly, I just said Thank you to each of these, but my inward critic had a lot more to say about that!  Respectively: I paid through the teeth for it (no pun intended!), about my hair.  After spending five years in braces, they should be perfect, and they’re not, about my teeth.  As for my eyes, well, they’re the only feature of mine which I have never actually disliked.  Somehow, admitting that, even to myself, makes me feel like I’m vain and egotistical, so I try to just not think about it.)  Oh, yes, apparently I have a “very cool phone,” too, for which I can’t take strict credit, considering I won it, but okay.

The point of that seemingly random ramble was that after I told my mom about it, she said something like, “You see, you have so much going for you; now all you have to do is fix your body” and then everything will be perfect.  Well, thank youWhy does this irritate me as much as it does??

Wait, what happened to my short post?! … I will leave you with an amusing little factoid I read in a magazine today.  Apparently, there is a street in Michigan called “Psycho Path.”  I’m considering relocating just so I can have that as my address…


7 responses to “Words of Wisdom (ha!)

  1. soggy cereal and cold oatmeal- am I rubbing off on you?!

    Everyone reacts differently to antibiotics, but also the stress it puts on your body having pieces yanked out can do strange things. Hope the pain is bearable without the codeine…

    as for mom’s…eh, what can I say? they mean well. what was it that irritated you so much about her comment? I get annoyed too when my mom seems to think everything is perfect “if only I would gain weighyt”, but I know she is trying…kind of.

    • The cold oatmeal, maybe; I’d repeat that! I still don’t actually LIKE soggy cereal, but I’m a toothless old woman right now and just have to deal. :p Oh, IDK… my mom just irritates me in general, so to be fair it doesn’t take much for her to set me off! But I get annoyed when people comment on my body altogether, and her most of all. Just me being oversensitive, I suppose.

  2. Codeine makes me very drowsy. I suffer from migraines occasionally and the medication I take contains codeine. It practically knocks me out. Antibiotics effect me in a different way. They effect my sense of smell and taste yuck.

    Hope you feel better and try to enjoy your Sunday.

  3. Hmm…good to know about the Kashi cereal. I’ve been curious. As for codeine, it always made me extremely drowsy too so i think that’s normal. But I’m not a doctor. Enjoy your sunday!

  4. Many things about antibiotics (and many drugs for that matter) have been shoved in my brain over the past year. Sure don’t remember the drowsy thing, but my experience with any medication that makes you drowsy, even for a little bit, knocks me out for like 2 days. So it might be that.

    As for your mom’s comment, I can see how that’s irritating! It’s upsetting to hear someone say, “It’s all about the weight/food” in so many words. As if a magic wand can just *poof* make one gain weight and be happy about it along the way. DUH it blows, it’s scary but she wouldn’t know because she’s never been in it. Which stinks, but I’ve gotten to a point where I laugh off comments like that. Eh, I also laugh at everything too…

    And your right, it is about you! The motivation may not 100% be there (or it may be clouded by fear/doubt, etc…) but that little bit that pushed you to put on the boost plus, that’s motivation right there! It waxes, it wanes, but each day you keep going it grows. (yea, cheesy but ya know :P)

    Phew, ok enough of me 😛 Thanks soooo much for the comment and have a restful Sunday 🙂
    ❤ Jenn

  5. mmm soggy cereal, LOVE IT! I have even started liking my oatmeal semi-cold too. wwweeeiiirrrddd.

    Eating yogurt without opening your mouth?! Im strangely curious…

    Hope your having a wonderful day dear 🙂

  6. I had my wisdom teeth out after the one that HAD come through got infected — and I was amazed at how LESS painful recovering from the extraction was than the infection had been! I guess all that medication works…

    Like Jenn said, I think your mom’s comment is irritating perhaps because it’s a bit simplistic. But also because it makes it seem as thought you’re CHOOSING your problems. It’s hard for people on the outside to understand what a trap ED is. But stay strong and keep fighting!

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