Sunday (Rainday??)

Today is the first official day of summer.

This is a puddle.
This is a puddle.

I think that an appropriate summer project would be building an ark. Anyone care to join me?! This weather is insane. One minute it’s raining, then it’s hot and sunny, then it’s pouring buckets! My hair is MOST unhappy.

Warning: this post is going to be kind of all over the place and very picture-heavy! Feel free to skip around, or whatever. 🙂

I set out this morning on Operation Beautiful, hitting up Target and then the gym.

"Flat Belly Diet" book

"Flat Belly Diet" book: "You are already beautiful"

Exercise system
Exercise system – “Celebrate your strength and inner beauty”
Bathroom scale

Bathroom scale - "You don't need me to tell you that you are beautiful"

Recumbent bike

Recumbent bike - "You are beautiful"

Given the misty chill this morning (which later turned into hot and humid sunshine alternating with rain), it was a “sweatshirt day.”


In case you haven’t noticed, I have quite the collection of Aeropostale sweatshirts. Here is proof that sizing is totally arbitrary and a crazy thing upon which to base your self-worth: I bought a whole bunch of sweatshirts, all in the same size. Some of them are enormous. Some of them fit just fine. Some of them are snug. They are all the same size!! (The snug ones stretch out a bit eventually — this one did, at least — or I’d just have returned them. No need to make an uncomfortable situation worse!)

Speaking of collections… I have quite a mascara collection, too.


Even if I’m not wearing any other makeup, I absolutely need to wear mascara. (Bronzer is a close second.) What is your must-have cosmetic item?IMG_0617

Oh yes… remember that cute little sunscreen orb I bought, which I put in my bag so I can protect my skin from the sun like a responsible adult? (Even though I usually forget, but let’s pretend I don’t.) Apparently it decided to open of its own accord and spill everywhere. Now everything that was in there has a lovely … glow, even after I’ve tried to remove it.

This WAS the clear skin on my MP3 player

This WAS the clear skin on my MP3 player

Oh yes, some food photos. Well, I think that I can now officially get a job at a nursing home because I am finding out how to eat toothless! Okay, not quite. I actually managed to eat this:

chocolate chip muffin

chocolate chip muffin

Okay, it took a very. long. time. and lots of tiny pieces, and it was a rather painful experience, but it still happened. I feel like a baby starting out on solids — cheers!

blueberry yogurt mixed with a honey graham cracker

blueberry yogurt mixed with a honey graham cracker

I took advantage of the fact that I was actually home all day, and decided that it was high time I try banana baked oatmeal fresh from the oven.



I definitely thought this is better cold!

Something astounding happened today, and I actually made dinner. But of course I must prelude that photo with a long story… I’ve had this craving for kasha (buckwheat groats) for days. They’re kind of small kernels, so I was thinking it wouldn’t be a very good idea for me right now… so I went out to the health food store intending to get whole wheat pasta or something like that. But once I was there I decided that I want kasha, dammit! I already had that at home, so I was sure I had gone out for no reason. BUT! Look what I found! I nearly did a dance in the aisle… I’ve been looking for these forever!

Enjoy Life cranapple crunch granola and apple crispalicious Jamfrakas

Enjoy Life cranapple crunch granola and apple crispalicious Jamfrakas

…so back home I went, where I made my kasha. And I had been marinating some tofu in Worcestershire sauce, and then I put it in the microwave steamer. The slices were way too hot to lift out onto a plate, so I put the plate over the steamer basket and tried to upend it over the plate, and there went all my tofu, plopping into the sink. I suppose I could have taken it out, but … yeah, no. I crushed it in the disposal and grabbed some frozen edamame out of the freezer instead.

kasha, edamame, zucchini, sweet potato / yam

kasha, edamame, zucchini, sweet potato / yam

I have been trying to figure this out for ages, and I just can’t … what is the difference between a sweet potato and a yam??

I may or may not have mentioned that my mom was really sweet and paid for my extraction. Yes, she paid for all of my siblings’ extractions too, but I totally didn’t expect it and it was a really nice thing to do, so …


I’m pretty sure what kind of reaction this will get, because I know the concept of such a thought is simply not appreciated by her, or whatever, but I sent it anyway. (Yup, I’m a crazy person who mails things to people living in the same house I live in!)

Tomorrow it’s back to the daily grind… I really don’t want to go to work. Generally, even though I do hate losing the “freedom” of the weekend, there is a certain sort of comfort in getting back into a daily routine, especially in terms of diet, but that’s all screwed up now, and I’m feeling very apprehensive about it. I think I probably fell a little short today — and I am so sick of thinking It’s just until [my nutritionist] goes away, then you can stop doing this, which is clearly ridiculous, because it’s about me, not her. It just worries me to have to go to work with “waning motivation,” because in my job I tend to spend a lot of time working on my own, and I am blessed / cursed with the ability to multitask, so even if I am getting work done, my mind can still be going off in a million crazy directions.

That’s all, folks… have a beautiful start to your week!!


13 responses to “Sunday (Rainday??)

  1. <33333 Seriously that comment made my night. I am sitting here sucking it up and getting through the night. Score!

    PS we should be hair buddies, because mine's not too happy about the weather either (I was going to say 'pumped' but it's pumped about something… much to my dismay)

    The motivation thing, I'm totally a believer in "fake it 'til you make it." So if that is motivating you right now, make it to then and turn it into a challenge. Well if I made it this far, one more day. Then one more and one more until it's like clockwork. You got this!

    Have a great night and thanks so much again!
    ❤ Jenn

  2. Thanks so, so, so much for the comment. I’m sucking it up and doing what I have to do right now so, yeah. I must say it helped a lot 😀

    We should be hair buddies because mine’s not too happy about this weather either (I almost wrote ‘not too pumped’ but that’s the opposite problem :P)

    And I feel ya on the “well, it’s just until x-point in time, then I’m free to do whatever,” I’ve done this twice already :/. But I’ve recently became a believer in “fake it ’til you make it” and try to turn it into a challenge. I’ve made it this far, how about one more day, and one more until it’s like, psh no biggie. You got this!

    I hope you have a great night, a great day at work tomorrow, and thanks again for the comment 😀


  3. Hey, I still hope you mom DOES appreciate it, even though she may not express it! That was great and mature of you to send it anyway.
    I might have missed out on your previous posts, but I love the sound of your operation beautiful. You ARE beautiful, and don’t let ANYONE tell you otherwise!
    The baked oatmeal looks great! I’ll have to try that sometime.
    My must-have cosmetic…um…does lip balm count? lol. I don’t wear make-up ever.

  4. hey girl!!

    totally agree with you on the weather– when is it going to be SUMMER?!!?

    hope you are feelin better from your little procedure– doesnt sound too fun!

    LOVE the operation beautiful post it notes– great places to put them 🙂

    your baked oatmeal looks and sounds fabulous!!!!! xoxoox

  5. I love Aeropostle clothes but their sizing is…nuts. Lol.

    Yogurt and graham crackers reminds me of somewhere…hmmm… 😉

    LOVE the notes! Feels good, right?! 😀 I’d love to find some!

    Have a good week!

  6. loving the operation beautiful posts…I am def going to be contributing throughout the week if not forever…I think its the greatest thing!!!

    So glad you found the jamfrakas you have been wanting! I just bought a box today so I’m stocked and ready to go 🙂

    And heck yes, mascara is a must! Being a blondie requires wearing mascara to cover up those lily light lashes

  7. I am a failure as a girl because I literally only use soap, shampoo and nothing else :p so I don’t really have a favourite cosmetic item! I need girl-lessons.
    I did the ‘only until…’ thing last time I was ‘trying to recover’, quotation marks definitely necessary. It’s interesting, because I don’t think people can recover completely until they want to, but on the other hand people rarely want to recover completely until they have gained a bit of weight and are thinking a bit more clearly. It’s hard work getting to that point. It’s taken me 12 years of eating disorder to genuinely want to recover and the last three months have been a breeze in comparison! I think faking it for a bit has it’s advantages – look at it this way, this is your choice, you choose to give recovery a shot for now and you could choose to start losing weight again later. Hopefully you won’t want to. Keeping in mind that I could relapse but I choose not to is really important for me, it stops me feeling like this is a huge chore or some kind of punishment :p
    I am taking sticky notes out with me next time I go into town. It looks like fun!

  8. Yeh this weather sucks and my hair is frizz city at the moment. I don’t wear much make up for work, but mascara is a must, even if it’s a clear mascara (sometimes even waterproof mascara doesn’t hold up against the British rain)
    I feel like you regarding weekends and work. Like you said I love the freedom of weekends, but also the routine of the working week, it’s like getting back to normal (whatever that is)

  9. rediscoveringlauren

    hi hun
    yup the weathers all over the place here too….hot one mintute, cold and rainy the next!!
    awww i love all the operation beautiful notes you stuck everywhere 🙂

  10. Whhhattt?!! Sweatshirt day on the first day of summer, that is just disappointing! I am sooo ready for warm weather and tank top day everyday 🙂

    I love your OB notes, I’m sure that those will put a huge smile on everyone’s face that runs across them. I know if I saw them, it would totally make my day. I think I’m going to go post more today too!

    Your eyes are GORGEOUS! I think mascara or any eye makeup really would be my fave makeup. I just love to play up my eyes all big!

    Hope your having a great day dear! Love ya <333

  11. lilveggiepatch

    It’s been raining like a mother for days here, too! BOO.

    I love your Operation Beautiful notes. It’s amazing to see how many people are hopping on the OB train!

    I’m a big fan of Benefit’s Big Beautiful Eyes kit. It’s easy, and takes 30 seconds!

  12. cosmetic must have – mascara too! I look half dead without it 🙂 Great post btw 🙂

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