Why I Moved to WordPress, and More

Hmmm… several people have asked me this, and to be honest, I’m not even entirely sure of the reasons myself! I know I used to have a lot of them (they started to accumulate with rapidity once the visual editing on Blogger vanished into thin air), but I didn’t want to lose all of my archives, so I just stayed with Blogger. Until I found out that I could pack my proverbial bags and take them with me, so here I am!

I have an appointment with an oral surgeon on Friday, and I am most likely going to have my wisdom teeth extracted. You know how they say too much knowledge is not a good thing? … That is definitely true in this case, because I’ve been reading about it online, and the more I read, the more terrified I get. Not so much about the surgery part… but about the post-op recovery. I am emetophobic. I would literally rather cut my arm off than throw up, which has served me well in that I never purged because of this. But a lot of people seem to be complaining that they felt horribly nauseated after the surgery and they were throwing up for days after. I’m doing it on Friday so that I can get a lot of drugs and literally sleep through the entire weekend, but I am going to have to wake up at some point, and I am absolutely terrified of what will happen then.

So this is why I think I should NOT do favors for people… My cousin who came to the pool with me last night? Who would not have been able to do that, had she not come along as my guest? She called my sister and asked, “Is your sister anorexic?” My sister asked her why she was asking that, and she started going on and on about what I look like and that there’s no way I can be getting my period and the way I swim (“not that she’s such a good swimmer, mind you”) like my life depends on it when I don’t need exercise (which I don’t normally do, but THE WATER WAS FREEZING!!) … and at this point I told my sister that I did not want to talk about this when I am at work, especially not on my lunch break, and she’s like, “I’ll call you later.” And then I ate my lunch anyway. Honestly, sometimes I wonder why the hell I even bother at all.  I actually wound up calling my sister back myself to avoid having her call me at an insane hour… apparently said cousin thought it was prudent of her to alert my family of “the situation” because such things “need to be taken care of.”  As if we don’t know.  Yes, I understand that she thought she was being helpful, but I can’t help feeling offended that she did it in the roundabout way that she did.  She also told my sister that she knows someone who was IP at Stanford and she gained weight and looks so good and everyone is happy now… never mentioning that said girl might feel like a fat pig every second of every day, because apparently it’s all about what other people think!  (Sorry, that was an extremely ED-driven sentence.)  Anyway.  I need to process.

On to some pictures, hmmm?



Potato crisps in black pepper and sea salt flavor; it’s incredible how much these resemble “real” potato chips!  Everything is the same, minus the grease.  Which is obviously a good thing.
And what have we here?… 


Oh no … I don’t think I am going to be able to finish the box of Larabars in time!!!  Tragic. Very tragic.
Anyway, I am off to my nutritionist’s appointment soon… I am soooo looking forward to it. Er. NOT. It’s my last one before she leaves for the summer, and I can’t decide whether I am pleased about that or not. Who else would know that, if not for me?!



Have a great evening! 




6 responses to “Why I Moved to WordPress, and More

  1. Hi girl! I’ve been reading for a little bit now, and I just wanted to first say congratulations! For everything! You are so strong and I know you will keep pressing on through this recovery! It will be so worth it in the end!
    Second, I wanted to offer advice on the wisdom tooth situation. I never did research before I got mine out, but let me tell you, it is not bad at all! It was the first surgery of my life, and I was scared to tears. I only remember going under then coming out, and asking the nurse, “5 more minutes?” No joke!!! It was fine, just a little sore. Absolutely nothing bad happened except that it was hard to talk for a while and I kept drooling all over myself. 🙂 That’s it! Do not worry, lovie, you will be fine. 🙂
    Have a great day!

  2. Arg, the going-behind-your-back stuff stinks. Families are always so interested and concerned (both real and feigned, sometimes) about these sorts of things! My parents have been given strict orders not to talk to ANYbody about my ED, because I know how quickly the news would spread, and how my extended family just loves to gossip about this stuff (even when it’s kind, it’s still gossip).

  3. fruitveggielife

    I’m really sorry about what happened with my cousin… my mom actually went behind my back and told the administration of my college that she thought I had a problem before I accepted that I did… I am grateful that she got me help, but I’m still upset about the way she went about it. I’m so sorry that this happened to you.

  4. I’m emetophobic too, and I’ve always been scared of having surgery for the same reason. It doesn’t affect everyone like this, but I guess there’s no way of telling until it’s over and done with! Maybe try ginger root? It really does help with nausea. You can get chemical antiemetics too, but they do weird shit to my blood pressure and actually make me feel MORE sick and dizzy, so I don’t know if they work for everyone! I will keep my fingers crossed for you anyway.

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