Great Expirations

Some more dreary weather…

It looks like it’s just a blurry picture — and it IS blurry, since I snapped it while I was rushing down the street — but check out the fog that greeted me this morning. Seriously… if something doesn’t change soon, I am going to rip my skin off. I can’t take this anymore!!

This should take care of the “expiration date” question once and for all… straight from CDC Laboratories:

I took an Apple Pie Larabar to work with me today, because I have a box of Apple Pie, Lemon Bar, and Cherry Pie bars that are “best by June 2009.” When I got to work, I remembered that I had an Apple Pie Larabar stashed in my desk already… and I checked the date on that one, and it was May. Just a few weeks, right? No big deal. So I decided to eat that one instead. But guess what I didn’t realize immediately, in my brilliance? … It was May 2008!! That is over a year ago! Obviously, it didn’t kill me. It didn’t taste as good — the flavor of the spices were basically nonexistent — and it was a darker color than a “fresh” one would have been. But that’s about it. Glad to offer my Guinea Pig services!

I haven’t posted “food photos” in a few days… to be honest, I’ve just been feeling very bored / uninspired / discouraged in that area lately. It’s a bit like I’m an automaton… it’s too stressful to think about it, so I am mostly sticking with the “same old same old.” And to post repetitive photos would get kind of, well, old!

I guess this would be “my” version of these, which I’d always wished I could try, but now I suppose I have an adequate substitute!

I also have to give a plug here to Lawry’s Garlic Salt.

I found this in our spice cabinet once, and neither I nor my mom had any idea why one of us might have bought it… but I discovered that it’s fantasmical (yes, I know that’s not a word, but on Blogger it becomes one) tossed with steamed broccoli. Or broccoli and cauliflower would work, too.

My nutritionist wants to know why I keep coming to see her if I “get upset with” her … I’m not getting upset with her, I’m just upset in general… but I am just really exhausted and so that rant won’t be happening right now. Yeah, I love words / writing … but sometimes I am just wholly incapable of saying anything at all.

“Good night” will have to suffice!


5 responses to “Great Expirations

  1. good to know about the lara bar- if you vanish from facebook later, I'll know why πŸ˜‰

    hope the weather is better today! looks nasty!

  2. Rose 'n' Coffee

    Hey if you want those Lara bars using up by the end of June, I'll eat em up for you :))))

    Hope the weather improves, it's not been that great over here either.

  3. Ew about the Larabar! Haha!

    Sorry about the nutrish ): Totally understand though.

  4. Wow, it's amazing that in the world of healthy foods, "granola" bars can actually go bad! … kinda… Those crackers look tasty! And, why don't you treat yourself to some quakers if you want them so bad? Just go and eat em!

    You are such a beautiful person, and have shared a lot of great things! Keep your head up and make the choice that today will be a great day! You make it what it is!

    ❀ Always,

  5. Poo poo on rainy weather! I'll do a rain dance (or sun dance?) to make sure it gets better πŸ™‚

    And I totally feel ya on the nutritionist. Sometimes general frustration gets directed toward those who are helping us. They're just part of the healthy side that we're torn between, so our internal struggle is kind of played out in treatment. It would be nice if they saw that too.

    I hope today is better πŸ™‚
    ❀ Jenn

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