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Just Here

Sometimes I just sit at my computer and stare at the screen, knowing that I want to say something but not quite able to pinpoint what that is… which is what’s happening right now!  I’m not sure whether that’s because I don’t actually have anything to say (a distinct possibility!), or because I just can’t find the words for it (also very possible).

Unless I magically find some words, I’ll dive into some pictures.

Someone (not naming any names, here ;p) didn’t feel like getting dressed this morning!!


This thing totally does not fit.  It never did.  I was just not interested in the hassles involved in shipping it back, so I just kept it!  Brilliant move.


Just one (okay, two, but the first one doesn’t really count) food-related photo… this is probably my favorite granola.  It comes in four different flavors, and this one isn’t my favorite flavor, but it’s what I had today anyway, so that’s the picture.  ;p

Bob's Red Mill apple strawberry granola

Bob's Red Mill apple strawberry granola


Oh, yes, lest I forget… I did buy this today!!



Actually, I was in that store because I thought I could get PB2 there, but apparently I am a moron and I was confusing PB2 with Better ‘n Peanut Butter.  I really don’t think I need four jars of PB2!!  For those of you who have ordered / received PB2: does it have a “best by” date on it?

This uninspired post is number 99… so not only will the next one be a longer, probably more boring one (promise!), I will also be announcing the winner of my giveaway!

Have a great Wednesday… almost at the long weekend!!


Fear… and Great News!!

“By virtue of its inborn nature, the mind rules the heart.”

Where does fear originate?  Is it a matter of the mind, or a matter of the heart?  Since fear is not necessarily logical, I would guess it’s probably a matter of the heart.  In that case, I should be able to rationalize it away.  But apparently that isn’t how it works.  Human nature is to fear things that will potentially cause harm to oneself.  In that case, why is being dangerously underweight less frightening to me than the alternative?  The only way I can explain it is this: let’s say you were standing at the edge of a river that may or may not be populated by alligators.  Your innate drive for self-preservation would prevent you from wading into the water.  But if there was a bear chasing you, your hesitation would likely not be as great, because the bear is a definite danger, whereas the possibility of alligators presents a possible danger.  For some reason, this is flipped in my mind; being underweight is my alligator, and gaining weight is my bear, when it should really be the other way around.

That was just me rambling senselessly, sorry!!  On to the great news: my cousins are no longer in my house!  They’ve gone to my aunt and uncle for a visit, and apparently they will be staying there until they go to the airport.  I was absolutely ecstatic when I heard this news!!  It just about made my day.  If I weren’t such an incredible klutz, I would have done a joy dance.  As it was, I just sent up multitudes of silent prayers of thanks for this earlier-than-expected reprieve.

Random aggravation: I was in Walgreens this morning, buying Pringles for my brother and almonds for my father. Four very large cans of each. The guy at the register laughed a little and said something like, “You like to snack, do you?” I gave him a dirty look, which probably escaped him due to my sunglasses, and told him that they weren’t for me. As if it’s any of his business.  (Shut up, brain.  He didn’t mean that you look like you could, and often do, eat all that in five seconds flat.  He’s just being an idiot.  A rude idiot.)

Now then, some pictures.

You know my philosophy: there’s no such thing as too many babydoll-style tops!!  Love.


And of course I had to find some jewelry to match it… though the shade isn’t exact.  Tsk.  I actually thought the bracelets were a necklace when I bought it, because I’m brilliant like that.


So before I got the fantabulous news, I was excited that I can finally eat cereal again!  I really was more in the mood of a flaked cereal this morning, but I thought I should probably grab some of the Kashi Mighty Bites before they all disappeared.


It feeds (no pun intended!) my cannibalistic urge.  I can quite literally bite people’s heads off!

I was also excited because I could finally try the Enjoy Life Foods cranapple crunch granola.

Doesn’t it just figure that I’d like this flavor the best, since it’s the most difficult to find?!  The tartness of the cranberries and the sweetness of the apples in this granola are just perfect together.

And there actually is a Bar of the Day, too…


Action Nutrition peanut butter chocolate protein bar… I will not be buying this again, sad to say.  First off, it is insanely expensive.  It is also enormous, and maybe that’s why it has more calories than I like in a bar, but it also has far more sugar than I am comfortable with — I’m okay with “too much” sugar occasionally, but that’s only if I like it!  The list of ingredients is about seventeen miles long, and even if most of that is because of added vitamins and minerals, I still don’t think I will be repeating this.  It would be good if you REALLY love peanut butter, because it is essentially a block of peanut butter coated in chocolate; I do not like peanut butter like that.  I have a chocolate molten flavor too; which I already know I probably won’t be buying again, but maybe eating that one won’t be so torturous.

To end on a slightly sweeter note:


Musselman’s has done it again!  This blueberry pomegranate flavor isn’t quite as good as the lite mixed berry, but it was still pretty wonderful, with a lovely balance of tart pomegranate and sweet blueberry.  I have a huge stash of different flavors of applesauce, as you saw yesterday, and suddenly that is very exciting.  I am such a dweeb.

This is post number 98, which means that after my next one, I will be drawing the winner of my little giveaway! Oh, the excitement. 😉

Enjoy your Tuesday!

Just a Pictorial

I’m just going to keep this very matter-of-fact.  No mention of feelings or irritations whatsoever because, well, that’s irritating.  So today I am just going to stick to pictures, pretty much.

Sometimes I buy earrings just because I like the sound they make.  (Perfectly logical, if you think about it — they’re right near your eardrums!)  I happen to like the way these sound, but I only got them because I was buying another pair for the sound and it was buy one, get one free.  And who says no to free?!  Not me.


To start out my replenishing trip, I bought Emerald cocoa roast almonds at Target.  Then I headed to the supermarket…


Four bags of Steamfresh vegetables, way too much applesauce in five different varieties, cereal (yeah, yeah, I know, I’m not supposed to be buying cereal!!), whole grain rice chips (both chocolate- and carob-coated), crispy wheats, cherries, bananas, and Jazz apples.  Everything but the fruit is hidden!

Next door to the supermarket there is a huge discount store, so I popped in for a bit because frankly, it was more appealing than coming home.  I was glad I did that, because I found this:


It’s a mandoline slicer!  I’ve wanted one of these for ages.  I was SO excited to try it out, and I had decided to make butternut squash fries, so I figured it would be perfect.  Hmm, not so much.  I wound up cutting the fries by hand.  Maybe the mandoline would work better on softer fruits / vegetables, but it didn’t seem to do much for my butternut squash.

So just a few food pictures.


Zensoy organic banana soy pudding (I highly recommend this; it actually tastes like banana, unlike some other things) with 1 t of sugar-free chocolate chips.  It would have been a LOT better if I would have melted it a bit in the microwave, but there is no microwave in my room, so I just had to make do.


The aforementioned butternut squash fries.  I love, love, love winter squash, but I don’t eat it as often as I could because I hate cutting them!  I halved this one with an electric knife, which is stupidly designed since the button that dislodges the blade is right on the handle, which means the blade keeps popping out while you’re trying to saw away at something.  But I guess because I don’t eat it that often, it’s that much more delicious when I do!  Whenever most people would “sprinkle” seasonings on something, I do it the lazy way — put the seasonings in a Ziploc bag, dump in the vegetables, and shake it up before spreading it out on the baking sheet.  I used kosher salt and a dash of chili powder for this, and it. was. sensational.


This isn’t a good picture at all; let’s pretend I wasn’t too lazy to crop out the fries on the left and focus on what seems to be a pile of mush on the right.  Which is actually Sonny & Joe’s sauteed eggplant heated up on the stove with some cubed defrosted tofu.  Well, semi-defrosted.  I shouldn’t have added more water to the pot, but I did, and the tofu just added even more liquid, which is why there is an unbecoming puddle on the plate!  But it did taste good.  Now, if I could only get it to look a little prettier!…

That’s all for today, because I promised!  Sadly back to work tomorrow… but this is my 97th post, so I’m issuing a little reminder about my mini giveaway!  Have a great week.

Four days…

…That is how long remains until my cousins leave.  It makes me feel rude and obnoxious and all that, but I just can’t wait until they’re gone.  I feel like I’m the guest in my own house, having to sneak furtively around lest I get caught doing something I “shouldn’t” be doing.  I am about ready to pull my hair out of my head.

Last night my cousin came back so late, and of course we had to wait for him.  This didn’t sit well with my anxiety about eating late at night.  My father’s usual speech about my needing to “overcome this” and “stop being so uptight” did little to assuage that, oddly enough.  I opted instead to escape to the basement, where I may or may not have attempted to squeeze out exactly two tears and attack myself with a fork, in that order.  Maybe I should have brought up a set of spoons, since mine was hijacked.  Yes, I’m a nut, but I have this one little spoon that I got on a plane once, and I love it because it’s just so tiny and cute, and nobody else uses it but me… it disappeared for a day, “borrowed” by my cousins.  It’s currently sitting on my dresser.  I ought to just get a mini-fridge, microwave and Porta Potti and call this my apartment.  A table would be nice too, I suppose.  Anyway!

My mom told me that if there are things I don’t want them to eat, I should put them away in the cabinet instead of leaving them out on the counters.  That’s what I did with my applesauce, because I haven’t been able to find them in any stores near me, just near my nutritionist’s, and I won’t be there until after the summer.  Well.  I wanted applesauce today, so I opened the cabinet, and guess what?  …No applesauce!!  My mom gave it to them!!  I was quite disgruntled and decided to go for a banana instead.  Guess what?  …No bananas either!!  So tomorrow I am going to make a special trip to the supermarket near my nutritionist’s house, and everything that I buy is going straight into my “pantry” in the basement.  (Not that this is any guarantee that it will not be discovered, but it’s kind of the only option at this point!)  However, I am not buying any more cereal, because apparently I tend toward more expensive cereals… and while I did squirrel away / bag up the granolas, I feel that it would be way too over-the-top rude, even for me, to just spirit away the box of Kashi Mighty Bites when I know, and they know that I know, that they’ve been eating it… or, alternately, leaving the little people strewn over the house.  Sigh.  No help with the crispy rice, of course!  Because I’d love to be rid of that.

Okay, enough with the cousins already!!!

I got a last-minute text from someone I know, saying that she was unexpectedly in town this weekend and wanting to know if I wanted to get together… and I really, really don’t.  This actually has nothing to do with the fact that I generally don’t like doing things last-minute; no, it has more to do with the fact that I don’t want to see her.  Is that awful of me? … To explain, this girl had / has an ED, but she is also naturally petite.  I am far from petite — though I am the shrimp of my family — and you would think that since most of my friends tend toward the short side, by this point in my life I would already be used to being the gawky giantess, but I’m not.  I mean, I passed by a “little person” on the street the other day, and while by general society standards I would be considered the “normal” one, I still felt like a freak!  I don’t know… it’s just that it seems like a really bad / stupid thing for me to be doing to be shutting myself off from things that I just don’t like being around, because you can’t always control life that way, you know?  Oh, yeah, and there is also the fact that we are way to similar.  You know how I seem to complain all the time?  I know it’s hard to believe, but she is way, way worse than I am.  Seriously.  Together, we’re just one big ray of sunshine!  I was really conflicted about this, because I just felt bad about the whole situation in general, and in the end I just told her that I can’t this weekend.  Was that really stupid of me??

Just a few quick pictures… I bought four spoons yesterday, because they were on sale and only $.99 each and I love buying all sorts of kitchen utensils and gadgets!!  The one on the right is a regular soup spoon, just so you can see the size scale.  The long spoons (gelato spoons?) are because my blender sucks and a lot of times I make a smoothie and end up with icy slush at the bottom that’s too thick for the straw, and the glass is tall so it’s annoying to use a regular spoon!  The medium-sized one, I have decided, would make a perfect “cereal spoon,” and the little one is about the size of the airline spoon I mentioned earlier, except that that one was used for dairy and this one won’t be.  I have issues!


I also bought a Ball jar, because I want to try and make my own sprouts, and I didn’t think my mom would appreciate my poking holes in the lid of one of her jars!  For those of you who have done this, do you need some special kind of seed for it??  (Probably something I should have figured out before buying the jar, but whatever…)

And I bought this in Target a couple of weeks ago.


It’s a salt / pepper shaker… a very large shaker.  Except that that is not what it will be for me.


It’s a cinnamon shaker… so I will no longer have accidents with “dashes” of cinnamon.  Yay.

This is post # 96… just a reminder about my mini giveaway!

Have a beautiful Sunday!  I think there may not be rain in the forecast… I need to process this, because it’s quite shocking.

Fugly Friday

The title of the post says it all. So I guess that means you don’t have to “hear” me whine. Again.  You can read through the entire post, or you can just skip straight to the end for some medium-exciting news.

Days like today are the reason why I carry around a claw clip in my bag. My hair looks halfway decent when I walk out the door, and then the humidity works its magic and I look like I stepped right out of the 1970s. Back you go!




Sorry about the crazy angle! … but this is the side of the skirt I wore today (it’s what I see when I look down).  And to be truly matchy-matchy…





Actually — I lied. I am going to whine. But feel free to skip the next (extremely long rambling) paragraph to avoid it.

I have an inability to cry. I used to think this was a bad thing, but right now I’m not so sure, because if I could cry, I would probably be doing it nonstop. Not a very good look for me — neither in mental nor physical terms. I’m not even 100% sure why I feel that way; it’s probably cumulative, and I’m just overwhelmed. I could kind of sense it building up, but really don’t know what to do in the face of that to “stave it off” (though by no means foolproof, restricting is the practically only thing that ever made even a slight difference). I guess the straw that broke the camel’s back was when I opened the refrigerator this morning — a feat of epic proportions, given my mom’s tendency to cook for an army because we have a few extra people here. Even though I’m pretty sure I’ve never had a binge, I still go into a panic around such huge quantities of food because I don’t take the lack of a previous occurrence as any indication that something will never happen. So I was feeling “shaky” to start with, and seeing that didn’t exactly help matters much. (Around here is where the potential waterworks would have started, I’m guessing.) Once something sets me off, forget it… say hello to freaking out / obsessing over everything and anything under the sun. And of course, it all manages to centralize itself on my body! In which, it must be said, I feel most distinctly uncomfortable at the moment. I was so tempted to get on the scale this morning, intending to “prove” to myself that I’ve not become as big of a whale as I am supposing; but the horror of realizing that this is actually true kept me from doing it. Nor do I want to get on my doctor’s scale next week. I don’t think I need this “verified,” really; I know I’ve gained weight, I can feel it, and I don’t need it rubbed in my face that I’ve gained way too much too fast. Denial much?? And it is just embarrassing. I can’t even get into why. There just are no words.

There are, however, plenty of words I could spew forth on the topic of my cousins.  They are rapidly depleting my stash of cereal (though of course not the ones I’m trying to get rid of; no, they only plow through the stuff I actually like) and bars, among other things.  I suppose it doesn’t really matter if they eat all my food, because I certainly don’t feel like I can if they’re crawling all over me.  It’s not much fun to have to escape to my room to eat, but I guess I have only myself to blame for that because I’m so paranoid and crazy.

So for the medium-exciting news… As this is my 95th post, I figured to start the “celebration” of 100 a little early with a mini giveaway, the winner of which will be announced in the 100th post. 


Justin's honey almond butter, shell earrings

Justin's honey almond butter, shell earrings


A squeeze pack of Justin’s honey almond butter… and this is me, so of course I have to include a pair of earrings in there!  Since it will be July when the winner receives this, if you don’t mind a “best by” date of June 2009, I can also throw in a couple of Larabars.  (Provided my cousins haven’t cleaned me out completely by then, of course.)  And to keep the element of surprise alive for whoever wins, I may or may not throw something else in there too.  In fact, it’s such a surprise that even I don’t know what it might be.  :p

You know how to enter… either leave a comment or link back; doing both gets you two entries.  If you can correctly guess why the giveaway consists of what it does, you get a bonus entry.  (But I’m probably the only crazy person to whom it makes any sense!)

Have a beautiful weekend… what are you looking forward to doing with it?  Personally, I’m thrilled to bits that I can finally drink my diet Snapple with a straw again, but evidenly I am too easily pleased in some areas.

Thursday Thoughts

Thank you for the lovely comments on my last post — you are all just too, too sweet!!
To begin, I present you with…
PBJ pancakes

PBJ pancakes

1/3 c Aunt Jemima whole wheat pancake mix, 2 t All Whites, and 1/2 T peanut butter.  I did try to do this the conventional way (as in, using a pan on the stove instead of the microwave), since I was plopping a dollop of raspberry preserves in the middle of each pancake, but apparently my pancake-flipping skills are beyond abysmal.  I reverted back to the microwave for the last one!  I hate having a started cup of All Whites in the refrigerator, because inevitably someone knocks it over, so I “scrambled” them in the microwave with cinnamon and Splenda.  (Yes, most people use salt and pepper.  I don’t.  :p)
I must say, considering that I got dressed before 4.30 AM, it is quite impressive that I managed to do it at all!!
love embellished pockets

love embellished pockets



VERY matchy-matchy!!!! 

VERY matchy-matchy!!!!

Today was a “Hugh Jass” day in every sense of the word.  On my way home from the urologist, I stopped off at what I call The Muffin Man… that isn’t actually what this bakery is called, but they have a huge variety of sugar-free (as in, naturally sweetened), fat-free muffins.  It isn’t exactly next door to me, so I wound up getting a dozen (!!!) different flavors and freezing all but one of them.  (Sounds simple, but oh, the agony involved in deciding which one that would be!!  I’m so indecisive it’s ridiculous.)



Got to label them all so I know what’s what!!  Off the top of my head, I think I bought blueberry, cherry, oat bran, marble white chocolate chip, corn, chocolate chocolate chip, chocolate white chocolate chip, marble chocolate chip, apple cinnamon, cappuccino chocolate chip, carrot, and bran.  Wow, I think that’s all of them!  Here is just exactly how Hugh Jass the bran muffin was.


Hmm, maybe that doesn’t quite do it justice.  Let me try this again.


I was also very brave, because I am hardly ever at home for lunch, and I wanted to have a salad that I made instead of got from a salad bar.  The bravery here is that salad probably qualifies as “solid” food… and my jaw was not very happy about this whole “chewing on one side” thing.  Ah, well.  It was truly of Hugh Jass proportions.  More chewing for me!
romaine, alfalfa sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, veggie protein link, honey dijon vinaigrette

romaine, alfalfa sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, veggie protein link, honey dijon vinaigrette

About the urologist… basically, I went through all of this fuss to find out that I have a small bladder (which I could have told you myself) and tense muscles.  Thank you.  There is nothing wrong with me.  Not that I want there to be anything wrong with me, you understand, but I just was hoping for more of an explanation, if you know what I mean.


I mentioned in this post the veggie burgers with which I fell in love… so, naturally, they’re impossible to find now.  I was hoarding my last two, and then today my dad told me that he was eating one of them so I should stay on top of it.  My reaction to this was probably way extreme, but I was very very upset!!  First of all, it is not my job to “stay on top of” his food supply; and I know it’s crazy to get so upset about it, but I can’t help it — it wouldn’t be a big deal if I could buy more of them, but I can’t.  Along those lines, more cousins are staying in my house, and they finished off some of my cereal.  This isn’t as irritating as the time when a cousin finished my cinnamon Kashi Mighty Bites, which was already discontinued, because I can buy more; but it does annoy me a little bit.  Is it just me who thinks this, or is it a little rude to finish something in someone else’s house?? …There will be cousins here throughout the weekend and through the middle of next week.  Can you tell I am stressed out by this?!  (Kind of a rhetorical question, I suppose.)  It seems like someone always barges in when I’m eating, which makes me feel so self-conscious, because beyond the general anxiety I get from eating around people, it really seems like I am always eating.  Well, hmmm.  That part is actually true.

Okay… I’m sorry about that meandering little downer… I’ve noticed that that tends to happen to me when I just sit with myself for a period of time, especially when I’m “feeling fat” like I do now.  I start to overthink things and ruminate on all these depressing (for me) topics, and, well, surprise surprise, the result is that I wind up feeling depressed!  How’s this for a downer — it’s back to work tomorrow!!  Oh, well, at least it’s Friday…

Wednesday’s Wisdom

(First of all, I have to apologize for the absolutely ridiculous title, but I have to keep with the alliterative theme of this week, don’t I?!  ;))

Every night before I go to sleep, I have to figure out what I am going to wear the next day.  This is partly due to the fact that if I don’t, I will spend all morning putting things on, deciding they don’t look / feel right, and taking them off, and on and on and on, until it’s just too late to do anything else at all!  I guess it’s somewhat “healthier” to think about that than mentally tabulate calories, so.  Do you pick out your clothes the night before you wear them?

I went rooting around in my closet last night and found this shirt that I haven’t worn in forever… for practical reasons, really.  I bought it a few years back because I thought it was cute, but if I wear a bag, the beading will get ripped off!  Since I wore a sweatshirt today, I figured that it wouldn’t matter.  That’s also why I didn’t bother ironing it, if you must know.  I don’t generally parade about in wrinkled clothes!  ;p



In chronological order, some food photos!


This is overnight oat bran / oatmeal (hi, Emma!)… I combined 1/4 cup each oat bran and old-fashioned oats with Splenda, cinnamon, nutmeg, and 1 1/2 cups of water, hoping that the increased liquid would prevent it from congealing too badly!  It still didn’t look very appealing, so I gave it a good stirring…


that’s more like it.


Musselman’s Lite Cinnamon applesauce… I thought it would be hard to beat the mixed berry, but I do love cinnamon (uh, duh?) … and this didn’t disappoint!

And finally, a special little treat for all of you!

banana with peanut butter and chocolate syrup

banana with peanut butter and chocolate syrup

While I’m posting pictures anyway, I was playing around with my camera settings today and realized I love love love the digital macro setting.  Primarily because of how close you can get to your subject!  So, pardon the extreme vanity of these photos, but I guess I present my newly-shorn eyebrows.  😉





Now for some boring textual posting… I had a pretty busy day on the phone.  (Have I ever mentioned that I hate talking on the phone? … Well, I am now: I hate talking on the phone!)  First I called my insurance company to find out how many outpatient mental health visits I have… according to the person with whom I spoke, whose name I didn’t get because I am an idiot, I have another ten coming to me… and after that, if it’s billed as a biologically based condition, I have an unlimited amount.  Which would be enormously helpful, but I’m wondering why I never heard of this before!

Then I called the urologist’s office to find out if I could have an earlier appointment.  Yes, I am taking off work to go to a doctor’s appointment.  Whee, fun!  I did get the earlier appointment in the end, but I’m already exhausted, because we’re all leaving the house tomorrow between 4.30 and 5.00 AM (and my mom is driving me crazy that I should “dress appropriately” — I am 24 years old, I think I can determine for myself what is appropriate for what occasion!), and at that point it will just be silly to go back to sleep when I get home… though I suppose I should be grateful that I don’t have to work after that!!  (Speaking of work, I heard the greatest news ever today — Mr. J’s wife is going out of town for a couple of weeks in July.  Meaning he has to stay home to “babysit.”  For two weeks!!!)

Next phone call was to the oral surgeon to find out when I can stop eating like an old toothless person.  The girl asked me how I feel, and I said that I feel just fine but I don’t want to find out the hard way that I’ve done something stupid!  She told me I can eat whatever I want to, I should just chew on the other side.  Really.  (I took a flashlight and examined what’s going on there… can I just say, EW?!  Bordering on TMI, but — it’s not completely sewn up, because I guess he only stitched the part where he had to cut it out since it was impacted.  Otherwise there’s a hole.  Gross.)

Finally, I had to call my doctor’s office.  Well, he isn’t my doctor “officially,” since according to my insurance company he is a pediatrician, which isn’t actually true, but whatever.  Last summer I got weighed in his office when my nutritionist was away for the summer, and since I refuse to do IOP, I have to do that again.  We decided on Monday evenings, since that’s what we did last year… and I realize this is totally irrational, but now I usually see my nutritionist on Wednesdays, and it’s making me acutely uncomfortable that I’m going to be weighed on a different day of the week… which is closer to the weekend so I might not weigh as much, which would make me end up heavier in the long run.  See, I can recognize that this is illogical and crazy and stupid and all that, but apparently I still think it.

After I got home I went on a Supermarket Spree of sorts… primarily because the first one didn’t have what I was looking for.  Neither did the second.  Or the third!!  (The second one, though, had Puffins on sale.  I know I said I’m not buying any more cereal until I make a dent inwhat I already have, but it was so inexpensive!  Apparently because the “best by” date was in February.  In case you’re wondering, no, I did not buy it.  ;p)

This is neither here nor there, but I guess inspired by my … ennui.  It’s like I get into this downtrodden mood and it can take days for me to snap out of it, and it’s not fun for me or anyone else.  Like my “best friend” told me — “Nobody likes to be around someone who is depressed!”  Sometimes I wish I could be a cheerful, chipper, happy-go-lucky person all the time, but I need to accept that that isn’t who I am, and there are people who will dislike me for it.  It would just help a lot if I weren’t one of those people, too.

Have a happy Thursday — the weekend is in sight!