"All good things must come to an end."

Not to be depressing or anything, but that is definitely true. I met a friend for lunch today, and she said that I need to go on vacation more often, because I’m much more relaxed afterwards. (We’re ignoring the part where the credit card bill arrives, obviously.) Well. Wednesday is the day I see my nutritionist, which basically rendered moot all of the alleged goodwill and cheer. I knew going in that it couldn’t possibly end well… scales mess with my head every time, even if I’m not the one weighing myself. It’s incredible what that stupid hulk of metal can do to throw me into a complete tailspin… I could have been doing sort-of okay with the whole food / eating thing, and then out of the blue it becomes terrifying and absolutely not okay, just because I stepped on a scale!! I really, truly hate this. Lucky for you, though, it’s insanely late for someone operating on such a sleep deficit, so I won’t ramble on about that right now… that will happen tomorrow instead!

Check out these earrings that I bought in Barbados… aren’t they crazy?! I just love insane jewelry.

Some “reviews,” hmmm?

First, a Bar of the Day (Cherry Almond Keribar):

This was the last as-yet-untasted flavor for me, and it did not disappoint! As always, you can see the individual ingredients (almonds! cherries! flax seeds!)…

I find it really weird that I like this, since I don’t particularly care for almonds or flax seeds! But the seeds do add a nice little crunch. So, my summation of Keribars is that they are really good stuff, and if you haven’t tried them, you’re missing out. 😉

This morning I broke out the second of the frightening cereals!

It was pretty much the same thing as the Island Vanilla which I reviewed yesterday… it just tasted more like cinnamon instead of vanilla! I tried dropping each “biscuit” into the soymilk individually, and while that worked out fine in terms of texture, it got very annoying very fast. I’ll finish these boxes, but I doubt I’ll buy them again… Still, I’m glad I tried them, because now I won’t have to pass them on the supermarket shelf and wonder what I’m missing because I’m too scared to find out!

And while this is not a review per se, I just wanted to “introduce” the. best. soy. crisps. ever. I don’t know why, but these just taste so much better than the regular Glenny’s soy crisps. (Naturally, then, they’re harder to find!)

One of my brothers brought over these roses for us for Shavuos… aren’t they pretty??

I’m going to buy some flowers too tomorrow, on my way home from my massage… which I’m sure I will enjoy once I’m there, but nonetheless I always face these things with a little bit of dread because I am so uncomfortable with having people touch me! Although I guess it won’t matter, if I fall asleep, which is looking more and more likely…


9 responses to “"All good things must come to an end."

  1. vacations are highly therapeutic (as long as you ignore bank statements/credit card bills…hehe)

    LOVE the earrings! I need to branch out with jewellery- October, you and I hitting up earring stores?

    I haven’t tried the cherry almond Keri but it loks/sounds great. I don’t understand why these bars aren’t more popular?!

    Scales mess with your head, no two ways about it. Hope your appointment went well regardless of the number games!

  2. thenoviceberker

    Aww, I’m sorry your vacation relaxed-ness was ruined by that damn scale. Try to chill out as best you can; massages and fresh flowers are always a big plus, right?

    Your earrings are RAD. 🙂

  3. I wonder what sort of lunatic invented scales in the first place, eh? I mean, animals in the wild don't go around weighing themselves. Scales are a pain in the butt, you can't win whatever they say. I'm sorry it messed with your head ❤
    Your earrings are lovely 🙂

  4. I know what you mean about the scale. It really is nerve racking, I had to go to the doctor last week because I was sick and all I was worried about was that I would have to step on that stupid scale. Luckily I guess they were in a hurry or something and they just asked me how much I weighed. I was so relieved! Its soo stupid that that thing causes so much anxiety. I mean what is a number right?!

    I LOVE those earring. VERY cute.

    Hope your week is going well dear ❤

  5. itsawrapteacher

    Good luck with your appointment and I definitely think a massage and flowers are a good idea.
    I’m with you, I wish I could travel more if I had the $. Love the earrings!

  6. Don’t pay attention to the number! The number is not important at all – you are!

    Love the earrings – and you pull them off so well!

    Love you!

  7. rediscoveringlauren

    supercute earings girlie 🙂

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