Someone Shoot Me

First of all, to answer a question asked about my last post, I used this type of camera to take my underwater pictures:

I technically could get a waterproof casing for my digital camera, but I love it too much to risk it. I could also choose to purchase an EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE waterproof digital camera, with flashbulbs, which means everything wouldn’t be blue… but I don’t think it’s a justifiable expense for me right now!

This morning I intended to buy cherries … but the store didn’t have any, of course. So I settled for this instead:

I don’t think I’ve ever tried blackberries before, actually. And it’s been ages since I’ve had fresh raspberries!

Now, this seems like an odd combination:

Okay, it IS an odd combination. But it turns out that it works kind of well together.

And just another totally random purchase. I absolutely love love love love this stuff!

So I went to the mall with my mom today… well, we just drove there together. Actually, she drove, which drives me nuts, because I CAN’T. STAND. the way she drives! But anyway. I didn’t indulge in any retail therapy… all I got was a migraine. (Which explains the title of this post… right now, getting hit by a truck would be much appreciated!!!) I’ve been getting them too frequently lately, and it has me extremely annoyed, to put it mildly.

Well, actually, I also went to Victoria’s Secret and finally found a bra that supposedly fits… or so they say. I think I’m just not used to wearing one like that, but whatever. I didn’t actually buy it, because I’m going to buy it online, but I guess I did accomplish something. And speaking of bras…

Yasmin passed this on to me a couple of days ago…

I really do treasure each and every one of you! But to pass it on to seven bloggers… (Sorry if you’ve already received it!)


I was hoping to have a chance to just chill out tonight and enjoy the fact that it’s a long weekend, but I think I am now going to remove my head from my shoulders and bash it to smithereens. Then it will feel a little better.


6 responses to “Someone Shoot Me

  1. lol! how appropriate that you got a new bra and got this bra award! thanks for answering my question, and BIG HUGS for passing me the award! 🙂

  2. Ahhh I love underwater cameras! Unfortunately I feel that they’re way too expensive! But I really wish I could get one!

  3. Aw, thank you! I would give it back, but I think its against the rules. 🙂

    I hope tomorrow is migrane free and lovely!

    Love and hugs

  4. The pictures in your last post are very cool – makes me wish I was snorkeling in Playa del Carmen again. I’m glad you got home safely – travel can be pretty stressful at times; it’s always a relief when everything goes (relatively) smoothly.

    Blackberries are sooo good – I’ve seen them at Trader Joe’s recently and I think I’m going to have to pick some up to add to my morning oats…yum.

    Sorry about the sunburn! Hopefully it isn’t too serious – I hate when it peels and blisters…

    Have a wonderful Monday 🙂
    Much love,

  5. Thank you! I haven't seen that award before, it made me laugh 🙂
    Blackberries are lovely, I hope you like them. They grow wild at the bottom of my garden so I've been eating them since I was tiny! That sauteed eggplant looks really good. I've only ever boiled it for dishes before, I might have to branch out a bit…
    Argh, sunburn and a migraine! You poor thing, I hope you feel better soon ❤

  6. love love LOVE eggplant– that looks so good!!

    cool underwater camera!!!

    sorry about the migraine– hope you feel better– those are the worst!

    xoxo j

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