Second Chances

Today is exactly one month since Pesach. (Upon which I absolutely do not look with fond memories, I’m sure you all know!!)

The fourteenth day of the month of Iyar is Pesach Sheini, the “Second Passover.” When the Holy Temple stood in Jerusalem, this day served as a “second chance” for those who were unable to bring the Passover offering on the eve of the “first” Passover one month earlier, the 14th of Nissan.

Today, we mark and commemorate the date by eating matzah (in the same way that we eat the afikoman-matzah at the Passover seder in remembrance of the Passover offering).

Because of this, look what made a reappearance. Eek.

Anyway, I think I ought to apply this lesson to my everyday life. Yeah, I may have screwed up. I may screw up a lot of times. But there is always a second chance. …Now if I could only make myself whole-heartedly believe in that, I’d be in pretty good shape.

One of the benefits of buying way more jewelry than you could ever possibly wear is that occasionally you have the opportunity to pull something out and say, Hmmm, look at that, I’ve never worn that… new earrings! Which happened to me today, because I was finally able to go outside wearing just a tank top under my sweatshirt instead of a long-sleeved thermal shirt… and these earrings match the tank top perfectly. (Yes, I am a geek like that.)

Last year I bought a space heater for my office, because I just can’t function when it is so. damn. cold! But then I bought a refrigerator, and apparently I can’t use them both at once because my computer tends to blow… I guess it generates too much electricity. I’m taking a chance on that again, though. It is impossible to work with icicles dripping from my body!

When I got home from work, I had way too many things to do … I had to dash out to the library, and this must be some sort of record because I never go to the library, pick up the books I have on hold, and run right back out. I always manage to dawdle. But no time for that today, sadly. Then I decided that as uncomfortable as they make me feel, sandwiches are fast and so that’s what I’d have to do…

It’s an “egg and bacon” sandwich!! Would someone in the know please satisfy my curiousity and tell me whether Lightlife bacon actually tastes like real bacon?? I’ve just always wondered.

I managed to get a very little bit of studying done… and I am already burned out. I have absolutely NO focus. It’s quite sad, really. And I don’t want to study all Shabbos long, because I have a massive pile of books I am dying to read, plus a few magazines that are calling my name. Who wants to memorize a bunch of essentially useless information in those circumstances?! I have a bad feeling about this situation… it can’t possibly end well. Ulp. Can’t wait until Monday night when all this crap will be over.

Oh, if any of you are Silk drinkers and want these… you’re welcome to them. :p

In light of my newly-acquired “emotions list,” I believe I ought to pinpoint at least one feeling every day. So. Today I am feeling overwhelmed. (I have a feeling this one will be very prevalent. Hmm.)

Have a great weekend!


10 responses to “Second Chances

  1. Lovely earrings. Lovely curls too (on good weather days..) Mine are much like yours except that I straighten them to death ever morning.



  2. About the “truly believing it” thing – I really think you gotta fake it ’til you make it 😉 It works!

    Love your curls!

  3. Curly girls rock.

    And great earrings! Fantastic (I love big ones).


  4. Matzah! I always wanted to be Jewish just so I could eat Matzah! But I guess that’s not really a prereq since they do sell it in the stores 😉

    You have beautiful curls, and I love “finding” jewelry that you’ve never worn…that’s almost as good as finding $ in an old purse/pocket!

    Blech, I hope Lightlife’s version doesn’t taste like real bacon, that stuff is nasty! lol! Pre-vegan I was quite partial to turkey bacon though, so maybe I should test out hte Light Life and see how it is!

    I’m glad you brought a heater to work, I would DIE if I was freezing all day! The downside is the electricity blowout though, I blow out the fuse in my house all the time thanks to my midget heater!

  5. Despite never wearing make up or high heels and only owning one bag, I do have one very girly trait, and that is wearing jewellery which matches almost exactly the colours that I’m wearing :p so if you’re a geek then I am too!
    Good luck with the studying. Being overwhelmed is a very uncomfortable feeling, I hope you get through enough to start feeling calmer about it this weekend.

  6. jesslikesithot

    Oh girl, those earrings are so pretty!

    And you were asking about real bacon, have you never eaten meat either?! I’ve been a veg my whole life, so I have never tried real bacon!

  7. rediscoveringlauren

    love the pretty earings 🙂

  8. I had no idea about matzoh being eaten a month later (I am starting to think my family pick and choose what they celebrate/believe in…)

    Love the earrings! Never had lightlife bacon, but our Kosher butcher used to sell a cut of beef called “Shmacon” and there was a rather large proportion of the orthodox community who vouched for it tasting *just* like bacon (*gasps* lol) I think a bacon flavour isn’t hard to replicate but the texture of bacon can’t really be faked with a veggie product.

  9. burpandslurp

    cool earrings!
    lightlife bacon does NOT taste like real bacon…first of all the texture is all weird, the color is strange, and it lacks all the fragrance and grease of real bacon…yeah, I’m quite the bacon snob…it’s just too bad you can’t try real bacon!
    ah, I know what you mean by feeling overwhelmed…so much to do, and you feel all rushed…but I think it’s much better feeling than feeling “underwhelmed”…at least you know you’re doing something!

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