The Weekend Arrives

Can I just state this for the record: MEN ARE USELESS! Thank you. Listen in on this exchange that took place this afternoon as I was rushing around like a headless lunatic doing all the things that the males in this house apparently could not do, even though they were home and I was not.

Me [whilst scrubbing the stove]: Why is the stove so dirty if nobody used it all week?
Dad: We did use it, to heat things up.
Me: Well, then, why didn’t you wipe it off?
Dad: And what’s wrong if you wipe it?!
Me [disbelieving stare]: Because it is much easier to clean it if you do it right away!!

UGH. Seriously!! And “they” sent enough food for six armies again. Which terrifies me.

Anyway. In other great news of the financial life of me (or lack thereof), I found out today that not only do I not have a scholarship, but the tuition rates have gone up. Every time I think that a situation can’t get any worse, it does. Really, though — where else could more money possibly be squeezed out of me?! Any source that has any remote ability to squeeze me, already is. I realized today that since I’ve started working at my current job, AKA, since I’ve been on my current insurance policy, my rates have practically doubled. And do you think I’m getting more services for that? Of course not.

And speaking of being squeezed financially… even though she definitely chose a rude and tactless way of saying it, my sister does have a point about my bringing back some sort of illness from Mexico, even if I don’t get sick. I don’t care if I drop dead; but if someone else gets sick because of me, I couldn’t live with the guilt. Even though I spoke with the dive shop in Mexico, and he told me that everyone there is “fit as a fiddle” … yeah. So I changed my destination. And now this vacation is a hell of a lot more expensive than it was before. (I guess that means I’d REALLY better enjoy every bit of it, huh?) I still don’t have a hotel booked, though. Urp.

For those who inquired!

Banana baked oatmeal:
1 banana, mashed
1 egg white
1/4 c Splenda granular
1 c soymilk
1/2 c oatmeal

I just mixed everything together and then stirred in
the oats at the end, poured it into a sprayed Pyrex
dish and baked at 350 F for about 45 minutes.

Just a couple of photos… I very inventively :p made “French toast” out of waffles instead of bread. With a liberal amount of cinnamon + Splenda, of course!

And I just think this is really cool. See, egg salad? Looks like it, doesn’t it? … It’s not!

…it’s tofu!! Sorry, I’m easily excitable. I’d been hearing about this forever, and I’ve always wanted to try doing it, but I never got around to it. Which was very silly of me because it took about five minutes, if even that. I don’t know how it tastes yet, but I’m still very excited about how it looks!

I went to the library today to pick up a couple of books I had put on hold (another Jodi Picoult that I haven’t read yet — yay!), and since I am incapable of walking into a library, picking up what’s on hold, and walking back out, I have another eight books to add to my pile. I hope the downpour that was here a few minutes ago comes back later tonight, because there are few things I love more than curling up on the couch with a good book on a rainy Friday night. Yes, I am a hopeless geek.

Have a great weekend!


10 responses to “The Weekend Arrives

  1. Tofu salad! Looks really yummy, where’d you find the recipe?

    Sorry to hear about the financial situation.

    And I’m right with you on the stove cleaning. The boys I live with NEVER clean up after themselves. I don’t mind doing the cleaning, but when its 3 day old, dried, and crusted on, its so much more labor!

    Have a good weekend.


  2. There’s nothing better than a couch, book, and rainy night! Woo! So where’d you switch your vacation to? I’m sorry about the $ problems, but I know you’ll find a way to manage! GROSS men can be so rude! But I guess girls can too..I think it’s even worse because they’re in your family, yet they have no consideration! My brother is just like that. UGH!

  3. burpandslurp

    I had no idea tofu could look so much like eggs! cool stuff.
    yup, men are useless. my brother and father does shit in the house. well, my father is really busy so he’s excused, but my brother has no excuse for bumming about!
    I’m so sorry about your scholarship and increased tuition rate…I hope everyting works out fine, though!

  4. ohsoravenous

    Waffle French toast? Freakingamazingidea!

    *writes it down for future reference*

    Anyway. Sorry about your dad! That is super annoying!

    Argh, I hope the money sitch. works itself out. Here's hoping for ya!

    Have a fab. weekend my love ❀

  5. waffles look awesome πŸ™‚ as does the tofu- let me know how it is and post a recipe please!

    I’m really sorry you have so much stress financially right now- the economy is in such a mess and prices for everything are flying through the roof. Insurance…ack, don’t even get me started on *that* issue :p i hope something sorts itself out- is there any other means of scholarship you could apply for? would your work contribute towards tuition if it would benefit their company for you to finish? Some places do that but it varies from company to company…worth asking?

  6. Then we can be geeks together. I love curling up with a good book on a rainy night. Or nice night. I love books. Sorry about the financial stuff.

  7. I want the tofu recipe too! I am always on the lookout for new tofu ideas πŸ™‚
    I am sorry you are having money woes, I am too so I sympathise a lot. Stupid money. We should all run off to a commune and live off the land πŸ˜› or not.

  8. Just for the record, (I will HAVE to come back and read the ENTIRE blog post) not all men are useless. I mean, I don't think I am. Whenever I'm at home I clean up after myself, and those around me. Now that I live on my own, I make sure that there isn't a gigantic mess everywhere. Stereotyping like that is amusing, very amusing, but unfair, kinda. There is a kernel of truth, ok, more like an elephant-sized kernel of truth to it, but don't lump us all into one, smelly, dirty, moldy pile of laundry. Accidentally, we throw clean laundry in there too, and then kick ourselves for washing it twice. Ya, that analogy needs some work, but I have an excuse; the time that I'm writing this. Moving on, ok, I have no idea what I was going to say next, but I'm sure it'll come back to me eventually.

    By the way, want to make me some of that Banana baked oatmeal? I'll clean all the dishes, put all the ingredients away, and share. πŸ™‚

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