Martyrdom Genes!

Did you know that “moaning and groaning” is not just an expression?

My mom is sick… again. (For someone who’s always telling me how unhealthy I am and how she is in better condition than I am even though she’s overweight, she certainly does get sick a lot!!) Of course, even though she knew what was wrong and she saw it coming, she had to act like a martyr and refuse to go to the doctor. (My therapist pointed out that this is probably where I get that tendency.) So, yeah… now she is “moaning and groaning.”

I have two sisters who are married. Apparently, they divvied up between the two of them who is making what food for Shabbos since my mom won’t be cooking. They didn’t bother to tell me about this or involve me in the process, even though it does make sense to let me know since I live in this house! I asked my mom which one of my sisters was making the soup, because I wanted to do it, and then I called her and asked her if she had done it yet. OMG, forget it… she completely blew up at me. “Why is my soup any different than your soup?! I don’t have to rearrange my schedule so you can do it, you should have involved yourself in this process sooner!” I don’t see how I could have, since I didn’t even know it existed! I just gave up on her, said “Thanks anyway,” hung up the phone, and will make my own soup just for me.

In other depressing news, I got a letter from my school today… my scholarship application was denied. I received an automatic scholarship as a new student, and here I was killing myself trying to keep up my grades so I shouldn’t lose the scholarship because I had no idea I had to reapply if I wanted another one! I don’t have any idea how the hell I am going to be able to afford to pay for school now… it’s like that commercial that says that you can’t go to school and pay for food at the same time. I really think this might have to become my truth, because graduate school tuition is disgustingly overinflated.

Something good actually did happen today… some of us finally went out and bought sixty-six daylight bulbs. I work in a cave, practically. There are no windows and it is so. damn. depressing. not to have any light! I’ve been begging my boss to let me change the bulbs for a long time, and we finally got them. Plus a ladder, because my boss is the only one tall enough to change the bulbs with the stepladder we already had, and he doesn’t want to do it.

Bar of the Day:

This was really kind of odd… I hated it after the first bite and would have thrown it out, but it grew on me a little bit. Still, I don’t think I’d buy it again unless I was desperate.

And I know this isn’t a bar, but I just thought it was interesting! It was a Whole Foods “impulse buy” a few weeks ago and I dug it up again… (No idea why the photos are sideways?!)

Now, I’ve never had “real” jerky, so I don’t know what it’s supposed to taste like. This kind of tastes like Lightlife tofu dogs. But, OMG, my teeth! This is so hard to chew, it’s not a joke.

And finally, just because I got a kick out of this nutrition panel… apparently it isn’t only people with EDs who can be extremely particular about the calorie count of things!

I REALLY need to get some schoolwork done here… though I guess my GPA is really irrelevant now.


6 responses to “Martyrdom Genes!

  1. Aw, sorry about your fam giving you crap ): And the scholarship.


  2. So sorry about the scholarship.

  3. Wow that scholarship problem must be really stressful…hope you’re doing ok! Things will work out, I’m sure, but it seems ridiculous how complicated it is to secure $ for school! Your sister sounded kind of snippy today, I hope she mellows out by Shabbos otherwise it’ll be an awkward time! Hope your mom feels better! That nutritional info is pretty funny..I’ve noticed that food from other countries tends to have really exact calorie counts, like down to the decimal point, but I think in the US we tend to round everything up to the nearest 5 or 10. Weird!

  4. I'm really sorry to hear about your crappy day, why do these things always seem to happen at the same time eh? Good luck sorting out funding ❤
    I can't believe that calorie count, I've never seen part of a calorie on nutritional information before! How bizarre.

  5. I’m sorry about your sholarship! will you still be able to continue with school?..

    That bar looks interesting! I’ve never had jerky but heard it’s a nightmare to chew. i like the idea of it but don’t think my teeth would be a fan!

    Our UK labels aren’t that different- my cereal says per 100g = 25.76g fiber, lol

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