Is It Bedtime Yet?

As it turns out, I realized after I got home from work that I am not having a very good day. (And it isn’t even all because I feel like a Big Fat Eating Machine, either!)

First off, my boss (whom I will refer to as J… nope, not for his name… bonus points if you can figure out the moniker which it represents) is back from vacation. Not pleased.

The bank aggravations continue… two business days have passed since I idiotically, brainlessly deposited my check. Friday, Monday, Tuesday. Two days, right? Well. Apparently not according to my bank. I was so #*&!ing pissed, I practically had steam coming out of my ears. No, I don’t want to go talk to the manager, because it would accomplish nothing and I have no time for that! I’m taking bets… what sort of excuse will they think of when I try to get my cash tomorrow?? ARGH.

I mentioned yesterday that I need a prescription for my moisturizer. The bottle is almost empty, so I brought it in to the pharmacy on Sunday for a refill… and they said there aren’t any left, though I could have sworn there were. So they’re supposed to call the doctor. Guess what? … They haven’t gotten through to him yet! I hope they do soon, or my face will be moisturized by my tears. (Ha… like that will happen.)

Then I brought my watch in to get the battery changed. Not only do I now not have a new battery, but the metal is all scratched… he couldn’t get the back off. I am very unhappy about this.

And the icing on the cake… this would all have been sort of okay, because I was going to go swimming tonight, which would enable me to decompress a bit. But… my dad has the car, and with the way my luck is going today, he will be back too late for me to go to the pool at all. Sigh.

Some of you asked which veggie burgers I was referring to as “the best in the world.” I doubt any of you have ever heard of them, but this is it:

The Bar of the Day, which actually isn’t new to me, but I was very excited when I finally found it!

…and this is for Meg. šŸ™‚

It was definitely different!! I think I ought to try some other varieties before rendering any judgment. šŸ˜‰

Ellie tagged me in the “Survey of Eights” …

8 Things Iā€™m Looking Forward To:

1. Mexico!
2. The end of the semester
3. Summer
4. Reading all of my new books
5. Going to bed
6. The next shipment from China
7. Moving out
8. The weekend

8 Things I Did Yesterday:

1. Work
2. Class
3. Met a friend for lunch
4. Slogged through the rain
5. Gym
6. Gave a presentation
7. Rode the subway
8. TRIED getting a new watch battery!

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:

1. Dance
2. Sing
3. Travel the world
4. Write a novel
5. Be my own boss
6. Learn to be less socially inept
7. Earn my pilot’s license
8. Go skydiving

8 Shows I Watch:

…I don’t really watch TV, so these are pretty much anything I’ve ever watched!!
1. America’s Next Top Model
2. Beauty & the Geek
3. True Beauty
4. Friends
5. American Idol
6. Everybody Loves Raymond
7. Blind Date
8. Girlicious

I am supposed to tag eight people… I don’t think I can find anyone who hasn’t been tagged yet!! Can I abstain?!

…tomorrow is my appointment with the urologist. I guess this is sort of unnecessary to say, but I really, really, really, really, really, really don’t want to go. And then I see my nutritionist after that. I’m not so sure I want to go there either. Life is fun!


8 responses to “Is It Bedtime Yet?

  1. Aw I’m so sorry your day wasn’t the best, but you know what? Tomorrow will be better šŸ™‚ and I’m sure your appointments will go just fine, try to think of them as steps towards health, ya know? Doctors aren’t fun, no matter what subject, but if it means that your body will benefit, then it’s definitely a good thing in disguise. I hope you liked the tofu – I’ve never tried the flavor you got! But I love the spicy kind šŸ˜‰ I’ve also never seen those veg burgers, or that bar, but they look tasty, chocolate is always a winner šŸ™‚

    Hope you have a good night, try and get some rest!

    Love, Meg

    p.s. in reference to your boss – does J stand for Jackass? Haha šŸ˜›

  2. hey there!
    im sorry youve been having “one of those days” — i think its easy to point out all the things to go wrong once a few things go wrong in a day– but its these times we need to be thankful for what we do have– sounds trite– but its so true.

    where are those burgers from?? i’ve NEVER seen them! that bar too!! ive never seen those either!! have a great day girl– tomorrow will be better! xo

  3. Aww. I’m with you on the gloomy day. Things just didn’t go my way (except for dinner, that I thoroughly enjoyed). But hey, a whole new day tomorrow.

    I demand it shall be better for the both of us!

    Have a good night!



  4. Dark Chocolate Crunch?!?! Ohh that sounds like such a yummy flavor! I"ll have to look for that! Sorry about the crummy day girly, but hopefully tomorrow will be better!! Just stay positive! šŸ™‚

    And ohhh I lovee Mexico!! I've been to Cabo & Cancun!

  5. Ugh what a shittay dayyy! I sincerely hope tomorrow is a million times better. Mexico? How exciting! Which part and when?

    About the sunscreen…I’m not sure where you could find them, my mom bought them for me at a “skin show” because her friend is an esthetician and got her in with a wholesale pass lol. If I find out a more reasonable price/ place to buy them I’ll let you know!

  6. hey, sorry about your less than stellar day. I can imagine how frustrated you must feel. but try not to let that get you down, because it’s only a temporary thing and tomorrow will get better! I hope you start seeing all the more positive things in your day and be happy again!

  7. “Mama said there’d be days like this…” The bonus of having a crappy day at the start of the week is that it can only get better, right?! Hope so anyway- good luck at your appointments!

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