Time Stands Still

The battery in my watch seems to be dying a protracted death. To be fair, I’ve had this watch for nearly five years and haven’t changed the battery once. But having it changed now is turning into an entire production… RadioShack won’t open it, so I have to go somewhere else to open it and find out what type of battery I need, and this is all just getting far too complex! Thank goodness I bought my mom another watch for her birthday, because now we have a couple of extras floating around the house… so I am wearing one of them until I can get a new battery for mine. This watch is SO not me. But anyway.

Ooooh, I generally try to stick to a somewhat chronological order, but this is just too exciting to wait until the end! I think I may have bombed part of my quiz (well, okay, that isn’t the exciting part, obviously) … but my fifteen-page Paper From Hell was returned, and I got an A! And my presentation of it wasn’t too bad, either — I even made eye contact, which I never do. Ever. Mr. K was a big reason for this, I am sure. He is also making me a little sleepy, so I am hoping for five or six solid hours tonight!

Yesterday I went to three different supermarkets to find the veggie burgers I wanted, which I am convinced are the best veggie burgers in the world. I also picked up a package of the whole wheat rolls that I always buy, which coincidentally go quite well with said veggie burgers. I don’t know what possessed me to do it, but I looked at the nutrition panel for the rolls… and the calorie count has increased. Obviously this did not make me happy. I wish I didn’t care!! (My mom’s reaction was something like, “I wouldn’t know because I don’t pay attention to such things and you shouldn’t either.” Ever helpful, as always.) I don’t know why I’m sharing this either, but it just upset me.

Then, randomly, my “best friend” IMed me last night. She was my best friend when I was younger, but at this stage I guess I should just call her my “oldest friend.” I don’t know … it’s probably me, because most everyone else seems to think she’s really nice and sweet, but I’ve realized that she is usually a self-absorbed bitch. We don’t really have much in common anymore — she’s married with kids, and I have committed the cardinal sin of still being single at this advanced age. Anyway, she’s the type who asks a question just because it’s something you’re supposed to ask, but she doesn’t really pay attention to the answer. (The type of question would be, “How are you?” And if I say, “Crappy,” she’d say, “Oh, that’s nice,” and go on to tell me why she is good / not good at that particular moment.) She was listening to music last night, and I guess I had once told her I like the Superchick song Courage… she said that it reminds her of her. Um. Okay. Might I point out that she is the only one of my friends who has any idea I was IP? (Not that we ever mention it! But it did take her a couple of months to figure out I wasn’t around. That much is my fault too, because I do isolate. But you’d think that having dug up that little bit of information, she wouldn’t pretend it never existed!) I’m sorry for this extended rant… she just really pushes my buttons! I’m sure neither one of us is completely in the wrong here, but it is still aggravating to me. I never seem to learn that I just can’t count on people for certain things, and I keep hoping / thinking / wishing that will change, but it never does.

Okay, moving on!! My bar selection is obviously limited, so I find myself digging up the most random things ever that I never could have imagined trying… but I guess “desperate times call for desperate measures.” Ha ha ha. Of course, buying them is one thing; I have a whole collection of as-yet-untried bars! This is the one I was brave enough to try today.

I was somewhat pleasantly surprised… maybe because it looked like it would be hard as a rock! It was actually chewy and mildly sweet, and it was studded with peanuts. I’m not a major peanut fan, but it’s nice when something lives up to its name!

I met a friend for lunch today. Generally, I am not comfortable with salad bars because I am a control freak and I don’t like someone else portioning out what I get, but I would rather get a salad than something like, oh, say, pizza. But I normally bring my own tofu from home for protein, and add it to my salad when I get back to my office. (Tomorrow it will be the tofu suggested by Meg!) Obviously I’m not going to do that if we’re eating in the restaurant! I usually just get egg whites for protein instead, if we’re going to stay, because the tofu at the salad bar freaks me out. Yet check out my (e-n-o-r-m-o-u-s) salad today. (I don’t know if you can see it … but the squares are tofu.)

To be completely honest, I am still squirming with discomfort when I think of it. But it’s done!

Any vestige of remotely summery weather is totally gone… today was raw and rainy and windy and generally nasty. I don’t mind the thunder and lightning and pouring rain NOW — I like it when I’m all cozy in bed during a thunderstorm. But it was certainly not pleasant to be outside all day in that tempest. I’m hoping it clears up tomorrow, even though it is supposed to rain again. I need sunlight!!!!!!

Actually. This is why I need sunscreen help.


When I was sixteen, I spent a day at the beach in Israel. In August. From 10 AM to 4 PM. Without any sunscreen, since I didn’t “believe” in it. As you can see, my skin didn’t take too kindly to that. (I cropped the picture because I am not really interested in displaying my “baby fat” for all to see! That’s my chest — the white spot was covered by my swimsuit.) Ever since then, even though I’m pretty sure I’m going to get skin cancer anyway, I did start wearing sunscreen when I spend a lot of time outside. (Though a few weeks after that, I went to the Dead Sea, which is below sea level, wearing SPF 50, and still burned!!) This is, shamefully, more of a vanity thing for me than a health thing. I am too young to worry about wrinkles!! I know I really should wear sunscreen every day, but my skin is so sensitive that almost everything makes me break out. The only moisturizer that has ever worked for me is medicated, which is an enormous pain because I have to get a prescription for it every time I need a refill. Like it’s hard-core narcotics… anyway. What I really want is a tinted facial moisturizer with an SPF of at least 15 that will not make me break out! If anyone knows whether such a product actually exists… I beg you to please enlighten me!!

This turned into quite the long post… (I can’t lie… I’ve been cheating and writing in snippets all day!) So you must be exhausted if you’ve made it through! Have a fabulous night and an even better Tuesday… here’s to hoping for some more springlike weather!!


4 responses to “Time Stands Still

  1. That oldest friend of yours sounds like a real treat. So self-abosorbed! God that sunburn is BRUTAL! I’ve super diligent about wearing sunscreen everyday and this is the one I use: http://www.tibesti.com/articles/TiZO3-SPF-40/504/6

    I couldn’t find the Tizo3 website, but that site has a little blurb about the product. I also use a powdered sunscreen somtimes: http://www.colorescience.com/1280×1024/flash/index.html

    Both of those products have never made me break out, they’re not cheap but might be worth a shot!

  2. your “oldest” friend sounds…I don’t know. People move on and change, I guess and we might see the friendship how it WAS but that’s not necessarily how it is anymore :/

    salad looks great- where is a Kosher salad bar? I always ended up at Europa!

    I am intrigued about the veggie burgers now- which ones are they? The bar looks awesome 🙂

  3. lilveggiepatch

    That is SOME sunburn holy moly! Wear white, girly!

    What veggie burgers are your favorite? I’m intrigued!

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