"How do you sleep…"

I just thought it was kind of funny that the Jesse McCartney song How Do You Sleep was a constant refrain on the radio last night… because I was wondering the exact same thing!! How do you sleep?! I didn’t get to bed until about 2 AM, and I woke up at 4.45, and that was that. The scariest part of it all is that even though I’ve been ridiculously insomic for the past few days, I’m not even really tired. Oh, I am sure it will catch up to me… Mr. K will help.

Allow me to introduce Mr. K … AKA, the Klonopin for which I got a prescription solely because I have to make presentations in graduate school. (Hey, I said I was terrified of public speaking!) The only problem is that it tends to have a very somnolent effect on me. Maybe this means I’ll fall asleep the moment I get home tomorrow night! That would be nice.

I’m very very sad that the weekend is over… I just don’t feel like going back to work. (And school… EEK!!!!!)

There really isn’t anything to say, because I’m just in a somewhat incommunicative mood… I should be studying!! But anyway, I took a little supermarket trip yesterday…

Yes, this is slightly embarrassing, but I bought eighteen bags of assorted Steamfresh vegetables. What can I say, I love the stuff… but I also usually stick to the same few “safe” varieties, so I got a few different ones this time too. (Yes, I am weird, vegetables can be scary to me sometimes.)

…and I’d seen this around for quite some time, but I was always hesitant to buy it. (Totally ED reasons, but shh, don’t tell.) But the lovely Meg gave it such a rave review that I just had to buy it!

That’s all I can squeeze out of myself at the moment… I don’t know why I am feeling so incommunicative!! Have a great night, all.


4 responses to “"How do you sleep…"

  1. We must be twins…cause I am so guilty of having about ten bags of steamable veggies in freezer. They’re just too convenient to pass up 😉 not to mention just as healthy as fresh! Gotta make up for the produce that isn’t in season right now, right? That tofu is amazing, I hope you like it!

    Get some sleep tonight! Good luck with studying, I know school is such a drag this time of the year, especially when you’re so wrapped up in other things, and tired at the same time.

    Thinking about you!

    Love, Meg

  2. hey girl! wow thats a lotta snapple u got there haha. enjoy the veggies n good luck with sleepin and studyin! xo

  3. Tofuuu 🙂 I am a recent convert! Our freezer is packed full of frozen veggies too, but that’s my parents doing as much as mine! They are just so convenient. I hope you get a proper night’s sleep soon.

  4. Whoaaa, 18 bags of veggies!?! My parents would murder me! Heheh!


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