Cleaning Up

I have been remiss!! Meg tagged me with this award a few days ago, and I haven’t passed it on. Truthfully, everyone to whom I would think of passing it on has already received it! So consider yourselves all doubly / triply / multiply awarded!

The title of this post is because, well, that’s literally what’s happening here… Pesach ends on Thursday, and I am thrilled to bits. My dad tells me that I’m supposed to be happy and enjoy the holiday, so, yeah, I’m a bad Jew, what can I say. I just hate holidays!! While they’re nice and all in theory, the reality of it is that I am just too much of a creature of habit to enjoy turning my life upside down like that. And sit and eat and sit and eat and sit and eat and sit and eat some more, without doing anything else, for pretty much a week straight. So, yeah. This is one person who is glad that the next time I blog, Pesach will be over!

But I still have to get through the next two days… and my sisters are coming over tomorrow. This means that my enormously triggering niece (she of the “You’re too fat” fame) will be here as well. Can’t I just stay in bed all day instead?! Or even do schoolwork… I have so much to do it isn’t even funny. And look at me, frittering away time blogging. Tsk tsk.

Since I’m wasting time anyway, why not make a bigger mess out of this by letting my mind meander all over the place?… I think maybe it would have been a good idea to say something re: my massage, because as it turns out, I am actually bruised. And yeah, okay, I bruise easily, but this is a bit much even for me! Oh well. The massage was also a little bit irritating because I couldn’t “get out of my body,” if you know what I mean… I was just so hyperaware of it, and at times I felt too fat, and then at times I felt too skinny, but I never felt “just right.” And the entire time, I was mentally screaming at my brain to just shut up because I was trying to actually enjoy this massage, but it must have been high on something since it just kept chattering away! I also always forget that my right thigh is extremely ticklish for some reason, and that I need to be careful not to reflexively kick the masseuse in the face! (Yes, that nearly happened to me once. You learn such things the hard way!)

One of my professors returned an assignment, which I apparently didn’t do correctly. Clearly because I am simply stupid, I suppose. I should be glad that she’s letting me re-do it (and I already have), but instead, I’m just supremely irritated with myself for being so dumb. And I have a presentation to do on Monday, which is scaring the crap out of me, and I’m having a quiz for which I can’t focus enough to study, and I have some other random work to do… which I believe I’ve already said. If I’d actually do it instead of saying I need to do it, it would probably be helpful!

Hope is only the love of life.
~Henri-Frederic Amiel


6 responses to “Cleaning Up

  1. I am with you on the holiday aspect- sit, eat, sit, eat…and ED’s aside, pesach food isn’t even worth eating for the most part! Lol. 2 more days then that’s it for the year! 😀 (Pesach is my least favourite- at least the others are a manageable length of time in comparison).

    I’m sorry you weren’t able to enjoy your massage- I can never switch my brain off and relax, especially when someone is physically touching me. And the bruises don’t help me relax!

    DON’T feel bad about the assignment- you made a mistake. Big deal. I bet the assignment you handed in was awesome, even if it wasn’t the right assignment!

  2. Hang in there. Doesn’t sound like your having too good of a week already, but we love you here in the blogging world!

    Good luck on your quiz and presentation when the time comes.. have confidence and you WILL do wonderful!



  3. I'm so sorry you weren't able to benefit at all from your massage! You sound like you're in some serious pain, I hope you feel better, I really do. The last thing you need right now is to be physically uncomfortable. Don't stress too much about your teacher and that assignment, I'm sure it was such a beautiful assignment anyway, who cares if it was wrong? Mistakes happen, and your teacher should've felt more strong about the effort you put into it.

    You are in my prayers and I hope that all goes well with your family & cousin – don't let her negative comments get to you. It's not worth worrying about, I promise 🙂

    Love, Meg!

  4. Hmm I’m sorry you’ve had a rough day! At least you get to re-do your assignment, but it’s not because you’re STUPID that it didn’t get done properly the first time…everyone fudges up some things every once in a while! I totally want to wash your niece’s mouth out with soap. How old is she? WHY ON EARTH would she say that to you? I know you’re NOT fat, but even if you were 300000 pounds what would be a good reason for her to say something so hurtful? RUDE!

  5. I’m with Stef, what on earth is wrong with your niece?! I would get violent with anyone who said that to me 😛 well, except myself. I am always relieved when the holidays are over too. It is a mixed blessing to spend so much time with family, and the emphasis on food is very stressful – this seems to hold true whatever religion the holiday is in aid of!

  6. hold on there, it’ll be over soon!
    as for your worries on your niece…no point in worrying beforehand. a lot of our fears are unaccounted for, and most of the times it doesn’t turn out as bad as you imagine it to be. since you have to face it anyway, why not try to make the best of it? stay strong, and good luck!

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