Here it comes!!!

Much as I’ve been trying to stay in blissful denial, I think it is probably time for me to face the fact that Pesach is coming… tomorrow night. I made the mistake of calculating roughly how many calories’ worth of matzah and wine I will need to consume, at minimum, during the seder. The number nearly caused me to go into cardiac arrest.

The Cottage Cheese Quandary is greater than originally surmised… this is going to get gross, so be warned. As I’ve mentioned, we keep kosher; so there’s no mixing meat and dairy. And for some perplexing reason, someone somewhere once decided that it’s more “stringent” to avoid using oil on Pesach. Not that I care, since I am terrified of oil anyway… but the fat in cooking has to be replaced with something, and that something is chicken fat. Therefore, everything in my house on Pesach is meat by default, and so generally, nobody eats dairy. Except for me, because I don’t eat meat… especially not chicken fat!!! But the pots, pans, utensils, appliances, etc. are all meat, so I’m reduced to using disposables. Which, okay, I do most of the time anyway. But I don’t have a blender / food processor so I can’t technically change the texture of the problematic cottage cheese!! As for add-ins, I am beyond limited. Um… fruit (with a peel, which eliminates berries), vegetables (isn’t that weird with cottage cheese? … and also with a peel), and some nuts (which I don’t really like anyway). This is going to be such fun. Not.

I was actually very surprised that my therapist remembered that she had asked me to come up with a list… in the past, if I didn’t bring up something like that, in my experience, therapists tended to forget about the “homework” they’d assigned! We didn’t actually discuss it today, since there are more pressing matters at hand… such as how I am going to survive the next ten days!!!

In that vein, I saw my nutritionist tonight to at least try and plan it out. She isn’t very happy with me… and I am basically in a position now where I have to gain over the holiday, or, to put it euphemistically, I am in trouble. As desensitized as I am to “low” weights, I can’t figure out what all the fuss is about… I mean, yes, I’m underweight, but I’m not keeling over. It hit me on my way home that this is a dressed weight, whereas when I was IP, it wasn’t. Duh.

My dad bought two bottles of the wine that I wanted. It is a pretty expensive wine… and so I think it is absolutely inexcusable that one of the bottles has a label that says 2006!! It isn’t like we were charged less for it, either… so I went out to the liquor store to exchange it, and wouldn’t you know, they were closed. Guess I have a fun little trip to take tomorrow… whee!

And for some more fun preparations… I can’t even begin to fathom why this has been my job ever since I can remember, especially as I’ve never drunk it! But making the juices is always left to me. (And my brother, but just like a guy, he always manages to abscond. Hmph.) I think we had three different types of juicers in this house at last count… this one is my favorite, because it works the best, and you get the most juice out of the fruit, which means less work for me! And it’s the least expensive of them all. Figures. And for some visual stimulation (okay, stimulation is the wrong word… um, to make this more colorful!) … in order, lemons, oranges, and grapefruit! (Sorry they’re blurry… my mom took them, and apparently she can’t take them any other way!)




Totally random, but I have this photo too, so why not include it… bananas scare me, for some reason. They’re a little more bearable if they aren’t enormous… and so I like the Chiquita minis. They’re so cute, too!!

6 responses to “Here it comes!!!

  1. Bananas scare me too! You look so cute, hard at work! Ya, moms should not be trusted with cameras..mine is the queen of blurry pics too! I’m sorry the next few days will be a big challenge for you, but I hope you can at least enjoy the non-food aspects of the holidays. I’m definitely NOT a cottage cheese person (though I only tried it once, so maybe I’m not being fair.) Have you tried mixing it with pumpkin and sweetener or apple sauce?

  2. Haha, bananas scare me too! I have been known to leave the room when they are being consumed. Good luck with the next few days, it all sounds really challenging and I hope you can stay relatively un-stressed.

  3. I still find it incredulous you don’t like cottage cheese, as I love it to death.
    I don’t really like bananas, except when cooked and mushy and caramelly.
    I hope you get through these upcoming days smoothly! good luck!

  4. Aww damn, I love bananas! I’m wishing you well over the next few days, as I know they’ll be a challenge for you, but you are strong, and I know this. You’ll be just fine if you just stay positive and keep your head above the water. I know it’s so intimidating when you’re basically told you HAVE to gain…it’s an indescribable feeling, but it exists nonetheless, and causes a lot of anxiety as to what happens next, but it’s something we gotta do, ya know? Health is a priority right now, and it’s unfortunate that in order to reach our maximum health potential that we have to struggle. But in the end of the journey so much happiness and freedom will be found.

    Enjoy your day, and sounds like you + cottage cheese just weren’t meant to be. Haha!

    Love, Meg

  5. Hey there, I’ve been lurking for a bit- love your blog 🙂 I’m not sure what kind of wine you were talking about, but most wines improve with age. The folks at the wine store might have been surprised that you wanted a newer bottle! Haha. Hope you enjoyed the wine 🙂

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