Not-Costco and Cereal!

My sister is a Costco member. I want to go there, just because I want to have the experience once… but she always seems to go when I’m at work, and I can’t go without her! (Well, maybe I could get in with her card, but since I don’t look much like her, I wouldn’t be able to buy anything.) The past few times she’s gone, it either didn’t work out for me to go along, or she “forgot” to tell me she was going. Yesterday she called me and told me she was going to Costco, and did I want to go? Normally I would have been able to go on a Sunday, but I had made plans to meet someone for Scrabble, of all things, and I hate when people back out on me, so I wasn’t about to do it to someone else. One day, I might actually make it to Costco… but that day has not yet come.

Anyway, in lieu of Costco, I went to Target. (Okay, that’s not true — I go to Target practically every week!) Kashi was on sale. I could quite happily subsist on nothing but cold cereal every day for the rest of my life, so of course I had to buy some! I figured it was about time I try the Honey Sunshine, even though it made me feel a bit uncomfortable. Anyway, turns out that I think I prefer the Strawberry Fields. Honey Sunshine is sort of too dry.

Continuing in the cereal vein, I used to eat Nature’s Path granola all the time. I don’t anymore, because I found that Bob’s Red Mill tastes more “natural,” somehow. But I still did want to try the new varieties (FlaxPlus Vanilla Almond and AgavePlus Sunflower), so I bought a box of each at Whole Foods. I think it would be a good idea to sell sample sizes of new products. I mean, what if someone buys something, tries it, and hates it??

I am running low on tofu, so I bought another case on Amazon. I wanted to bring my total up a couple of dollars and qualify for the free shipping, so I added a variety pack of Larabars — cherry pie, apple pie, and lemon bar. (Warning: distorted thinking ahead!) I have never tried the lemon, not because I didn’t want to, but because it has a higher calorie count. I know that ten or twenty extra calories won’t make or break me, but nobody ever said fear was a rational thing! Maybe now that I’ll have them in my house, I’ll actually eat them. Then again, I do sort of have a lot of things at home that I bought when I was feeling “brave” but never ate because I wasn’t feeling that way anymore once I got home!

Some time this week, my shirts should arrive… I bought three of them last week, solely because they are cute. I don’t need them at all. If anything, I should be getting rid of clothes! Oh, well.

I had a total brainstorm, which should have hit me years ago. Instead of relying on my brother to give me matzah from his seder plate and causing undue amounts of anxiety, I can just have my own… and with whole wheat matzah. Why did it take me this long to figure that out?! (Okay, I know why. Because my parents are freaking out at the notion. Too bad.) And my dad already ordered the wine, but he forgot to get the one I wanted. I refuse to drink the nasty wine that they will… it doesn’t even taste good, and I am not willing to “waste” liquid calories, which are scary enough, on something I don’t even like. As tempting as it is to just dilute “light” grape juice, I am not going to do that. Nope, I will just have to get a couple of bottles of my own wine.

I don’t really care for it to be Monday… I’m not feeling the whole back-to-work-and-school thing!! Hmm.


One response to “Not-Costco and Cereal!

  1. Hi! Thanks so much for the comment on my blog ❤

    Ugh, I totes relate on the fear of "wasting" liquid calories – but we HAVE to face our fears sometimes! It might make ED uncomfortable, but it feels so so so good!

    As for the higher calorie bars, ugh, I'm the same way, unfortunately! But we know that this is such a ridic fear…so we have to overcome it.

    BTW, I could also live off cereal for the rest of my life ❤

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