My internet connection here is rather iffy… apparently this hotel can’t seem to decide whether or not they offer free WiFi. (Actually, I don’t think they do, and I’m using someone else’s unsecured network. Whatever.)

For all of my stressing about it, the airline screwed up and I didn’t even have the vegetarian dinner my dad ordered for me. (They felt bad, supposedly, and kept offering me chicken and rice or something… I don’t get why they would think I’d want that, considering I ordered a kosher vegetarian meal. Am I the only one who sees the irony?) Anyway, I’ve already lost count of the amount of times I’ve told my mom that she is not supposed to be sticking her nose into my food business… I know what I’m supposed to do, and having her harrass me will not help.

I really don’t want to be stressing over this my entire time here, so I took the plunge and asked to go to Holy Bagel. (If you know me, you understand that my asking to go to a place that sells food that I am intending to eat is practically unheard of.) Of course, a big deal had to be made out of it… “But it’s out of the way!” Yes, this is why I mentioned it before we left the United States. In any case, we did end up going, and then my dad was upset that I only bought one bagel. Apparently he expected me to buy a dozen. What on earth am I supposed to do with a dozen bagels?! But in any event… I just couldn’t entertain the thought of getting a regular bagel. Not happening. Wouldn’t you know it … they didn’t have whole wheat! I wound up getting oat bran instead… “no sugar.” Well, of course there’s no sugar in it… why would a bagel have sugar in it?? Isn’t that a doughnut??


Anyway. Then we went to a little market to buy water. Another thing about Israel is that the dairy here is absolutely fantastic — and I do not like dairy. This is especially true of the ice cream. It’s a little different now, I guess, since a lot of it is available in the States and it wasn’t previously… but I’ve been too scared to eat any of it. The market was out of the “light” ice cream I wanted… so after my hand was all but frozen solid since I kept changing my mind, I actually bought a Cornetto. Regular. Which I haven’t had in nearly ten years. I went back inside with the ice creams to where my parents were waiting in line and the following conversation ensued:

Me: I’m being very brave here.
Mom: Oh, please, very brave.
Me: Thank you for insulting me.
Dad: (to Mom) Okay, it’s a good thing, be proud of it.
Mom: Well it doesn’t really count if you consider what you’ve eaten today!

…and so on. I was actually already wondering about that (and she always does have a knack for pushing exactly the right buttons that way): does it count to tackle a “fear food” if you’ve otherwise been sort of restrictive?? I don’t know…


Later in the evening we went out and wound up meandering all over the streets, which I didn’t mind at all considering I’ve been sitting on my butt for much of the past twenty-four hours! Anyway, talk about random, but we met my brother and sister-in-law and their kids, which was really odd since they’d taken a wrong turn! We’re all going to Kever Rachel and Chevron tomorrow, and my sister-in-law was saying how she was trying to get in touch with us to let us know not to buy any food because she was going to bring danishes and sandwiches and blah blah blah… my mom told her that we’d already bought it, and she got upset about it… and even more strangely, when she told me that she was going to bring me a salad and I told her not to because I didn’t want it, my mom told her to leave me alone. Guess she’s the only one who’s allowed to drive me nuts.

Okay, this post has been entirely too foodcentric for my liking!! There actually are other things happening on this end of the world. Such as the fact that I am SO glad I took my down jacket in the end, because it is freezing. (Well, in the fifties, but that’s still chilly.) And I nearly blew a fuse AND my (brand new!!) travel hair dryer, which was lovely indeed.

Anyway. I think I know that I didn’t do what I was supposed to do today… as in, my nutritionist would not be pleased. “I didn’t work out” is probably really not a very good reason, either. Oh, well… “tomorrow is a new day!” One equally scary, but I guess all I can do is the best I can do.


2 responses to “Whew.

  1. Burp and Slurp~!

    good job on tackling the fear food. no matter what, it’s another positive step, though you have been restrictive. still, I hope you find the inner strength in you to challenge yourself with fear foods WHILE ALSO eating well. but still, treasure each victory you have, don’t get disheartened, and keep on fighting! I’m rooting for you!

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