Oui, Wii

It was another one of those seemingly interminable days… in all, though, I suppose it could have been worse, since it was basically fourteen hours and it could have been sixteen. *shrugs* My haircut did not take as long as it was “supposed” to, which means I had a lot of free time before I had to show up at the publishing studios for our “field trip.” Naturally, the weather was really crappy — which I predicted the moment I made the Ouidad appointment, since it ALWAYS rains on the day I get my hair cut — so my hair already looks yucky. Oh, well. C’est la vie. (What is it with the French?! I don’t even like that language!!)

Anyway, I didn’t know what to do with myself with all this free time, so I traipsed crosstown to the nearest Petland to buy goldfish food for the goldfish my nephew’s teacher gave him for his birthday. At least someone will be having gourmet cuisine! That killed, oh, say, twenty minutes… so I traipsed back crosstown the other way and went to Best Buy and got a Wii Fit. To be fair, it was for my mother, since she wants it. But I know I’m going to use it. And I’m kind of worried about that, because I really don’t want to get on a scale. I haven’t weighed myself in months, and to be quite frank, I have no desire to do so. Yes, every few days when I pass the scale in the gym I get an urge to get on it, but I know it isn’t worth it… I’m going to hate myself for what it says, and I am not a number. I refuse to be a number. I think I am just going to pile a bunch of random crap on the balance board and let the Wii believe that is me.

Actually, I’ve already gotten enough of a workout from that Wii Fit, since I carried it all over town … and naturally Best Buy didn’t have any bags, so I had to use the carrying handle on the box. I took it to the at times mind-numbingly boring meeting at the studios. I toted it to a restaurant. I carried it to the main public library, where I parked myself like a stalker to observe the librarians in their reference interactions and to attempt to study for this midterm. Then I lugged it to class to take said midterm. Which I don’t think I totally bombed, but I don’t think I got an A either. Unacceptable to me, of course. Whatever.

Every single muscle in my body is sore right now. I shouldn’t feel guilty for taking the subway those last thirty blocks instead of walking, since I had already done more than my fair share of walking for one day… but for some reason, I always feel l a z y if I take a “shortcut” in anything, ever. You know what? …It’s okay to be lazy sometimes. It really is.


One response to “Oui, Wii

  1. Totally okay to be lazy. I have a hard time getting buses or public transport- especially when the bus isn’t due for 15 mins and I feel obligated to at least walk a FEW stops (then it seems pointless to get on the bus since I am halfway home!)

    I’ve been toying with the idea of a Wii…but eh…mixed feelings/thoughts. I doubt I’d use it for good reasons (as in, I have no good reason, lol)

    Just out of curiosity- does anyone (doctor/nutritionist) weigh you? I think it’s great that you don’t weigh yourself because that just leads to mind games/more obsessing.

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