Trying to stay awake!

Though it is long past the time when I prefer to be asleep, I am forcing myself to stay awake because I haven’t yet heard the megillah tonight. I had class until 9.00, and so my brother is going to have to read it for me, but he won’t be home until midnight. Woot. I’ve done everything I can think of to keep myself occupied so I don’t fall asleep… I washed my hair, which ensured that I’d stay awake until it dries. I did my nails, painting each one a different color because it’s Purim.

Everything is dry, and yet I’m sitting here and typing THIS instead of doing something useful. Like, um, say, working on the paper I absolutely must finish soon. Today was an incredibly, impossibly long day … sixteen hours? I don’t even know, my brain is too foggy for me to count. I had so many anxiety attacks that I ought to be carrying around paper bags in my pockets! School is stressing me out. I want to finish everything for the next two weeks before I go to Israel, because really, why would I want to spend my time there writing papers?!

I am enormously nervous about tomorrow… there is going to be so much food around, and the expectation to eat eat eat eat eat all of it will be there. It’s completely crazy, but sometimes I feel like I absorb it by osmosis. Just being around so much excess makes me anxious. Hence my abhorrence for holidays, I guess. Anyway. It will be such fun, beginning with a birthday breakfast, constant food deliveries to the door all day, huge festive meal later in the day… I should just hide myself in my room and do schoolwork. At least it will be useful! Oh, have I mentioned that I have to take a midterm on Wednesday and I am beyond unprepared? If I weren’t so tired, I’m sure I’d be freaking out about that quite a bit. Being a zombie apparently has its bonuses.


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